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A Review of Miniland Educational Toys

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

February 23, 2017

8 Minute read

In an increasingly competitive world, parents are pushing their children harder and harder to reach educational milestones and academic levels that will go a long way to ensure they get into the school of their choice.

 Unfortunately, this is putting more and more pressure on the little ones to perform – at an age where that pressure simply shouldn’t exist. 

At Miniland, we are fervent believers that one of the best ways for children to develop mentally, emotionally, physically and academically, is through the use of educational toys. Play time is essential to ensure an all-round development of your child, and this can’t be emphasized enough.

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Our range of educational toys have been designed in order to help your kids learn and develop, while allowing them simply to still be children and have fun while doing so. Our educational toys were created to be age-appropriate and will develop the necessary skills that your child will need to tune before every school year.

Have a look at the overview of the different kinds of educational toys that we offer:

Speciality toys

Our range of educational toys were all designed with the purpose of allowing children to have fun, while targeting the development of certain skills that should be nurtured at that particular age.

There are tons of different sections to choose from, and you can make sure that your child gets the toys that they love to play with, that will also further their emotional, physical and mental development.

Our speciality educational toys range includes: on the go, outdoor games, family games, vehicles, dolls, nutrition, aptitude games, pegs play, construction, puzzles, social skills, language arts, magnetic boards and mathematics.

There is a toy in our speciality range for every child and occasion.

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Educational corner

While we believe that playtime is an essential aspect of every child’s day, we do understand that getting your child up to speed academically is incredibly important. High competition for places at the best schools, means that your child needs to not only be physically ready – but academically in the right spot to get in. That’s where our educational corner comes in.

This range of educational toys work on the skills that your child needs to develop – through toys and games, but also include worksheets, teaching guides and activity lists that will help you get the best out of your child’s playtime.

Able play educational toys

At Miniland, our toys cater for everyone, and we are incredibly proud of our Able Play range. Able Play is a rating system that provides in-depth information about toys for special needs children.

It came about so that school teachers, therapists, parents and others have as much advice and information when it comes to choosing the right toy for their special needs child.

Our Visual Displays – Daily Tasks, Activity ABC 123, Pair Game, Abacolor Maxi and Superpegs Mini are all approved by Able Play, as being safe and beneficial for special needs children.

At Miniland, we are dedicated to educating children through fun and we strive to assist parents in choosing the best toys to use at home.

Have a look at our Miniland family toys range, as well as tons of other options – to choose the most appropriate toys to provide a fun and educational environment when they are not at school.

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