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Best Learning Games for Kids That You Can Use at an Indoor Party

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By Miniland

December 20, 2016

8 Minute read

Parties are undoubtedly the highlight of any child’s birthday. The excitement of spending time with their favorite friends and family, eating cake and getting presents on a day that is solely dedicated to them is quite understandable.

The thing is that everyone has different expectations and are largely limited by their budget. Often the most reasonable option is simply to have a birthday party at home – which if done right – will be just as awesome as having one at a venue

Here are some really great learning games for kids that you can use at a birthday party, that are not just fun and entertaining, but that will also teach your children important life skills that they will undoubtedly need later on in life:

Jungle knots

This is one of the best learning games for kids that helps to teach them patience, as well as teamwork. Have all the children stand in a circle facing inwards. Every child must then put their right arm out and grab hold of someone else’s hand in the circle. They then need to do the same with their left hand.

The children then have to take turns trying to undo the knot that they’ve created without letting go or breaking the connection between their hands.

This game requires patience from the children, and they will only succeed if they are able to all work together. It’s a fun and interesting learning game for kids that will keep them entertained for ages.

Puzzle hunt

Board games and puzzles are always excellent learning games for kids, but why not take it one step further and turn it into something a little bit more. Hide the puzzle pieces around the room (don’t forget where) and the children will have to devise a system of looking for the pieces before they are able to put the puzzle together.

This is another game that encourages teamwork at a birthday party, and that will keep children entertained for long periods of time. Our puzzle range at Miniland is extensive and there is certainly a little something for everyone at the party.

Games Guide for a Perfect Birthday

Freeze dance

If you are looking for learning games for kids that will teach them all about following the rules (and also learning how to stay still when they need to) then playing the freeze dance is the way to go. Play some music and get the kids to dance around, and as soon as you turn the music off they have to freeze in place.


Whoever moves during this time then drops out of the game – the last child standing is the winner. This game is bound to produce a whole lot of laughter while kids try to stop in their places, but it is also an easy way to teach them the importance of following rules when they need to.

Broken telephone

This is one of the best known learning games for kids that is an absolute favorite at many birthday parties. It is a great way to teach children to listen closely and to not believe everything that they hear. The children must sit in a circle with one child starting the game by whispering something in the next child’s ear.

broken telephone.jpg

It then needs to travel around the circle and get whispered into every child’s ear until it gets to the last child in the circle. They then have to say what they heard out loud to see if they got it right.

More often than not the phrase is going to be far off from what was originally whispered. It’s a game that is bound to produce tons of laughter as well as teaching the importance of always checking what you’ve heard before repeating it.

Having a birthday party at the house is often a lot more reasonable than hiring a venue – but it can also be a lot of hard work to organize.

That’s why downloading a guide like ours is a great way to take the majority of the worries off your shoulders, and allows you to effortlessly plan an amazing birthday party, with awesome games, for your child.

Games Guide for a Perfect Birthday