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Blocks Super, Best Construction Toy for Summer 2014

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

October 11, 2016

8 Minute read

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The summer is one of children’s favorite times to play. The warm temperatures and free time encourage outdoor play, and therefore, it is a must to find the best choices to play with this summer.

For third year in a row, the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers coordinated the “Best Summer Toy” award, as a way to publicize the different toys that have been developed to play and learn, especially for summer. The 30 nominated toys, suggested by the top toy companies in Spain, have been judged by a panel of experts in juvenile specialties.  They selected the Best Toys in each of the six categories.

In addition to the judges, 16,000+ people using social media sites, such as Facebook’s page Dale Tiempo al Juego (Make Time to Play) voted for their favorite toy among all of the contenders.

The winning toys

The Miniland block construction sets,Blocks super have been selected as the “Best Summer Toy in the Construction Toy” category by the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ).  The award was presented at the ceremony in Valencia, Spain following the first “Trend & Kids” Conference.

Blocks super are a range of construction sets made up of large, tough and durable blocks, which, combined with fanciful pieces, enable children to create friendly characters, vehicles and race tracks. They also include blocks that fit together with decorative elements.


Best toy for summer

With Blocks,super  kids can build different themes and settings to play using the wide array of characters.

Children enjoy and are amused by the idea of building their own vehicles and characters. Adults are attracted to the game’s versatility and durability.  Teachers appreciate the considerable educational value of these sets and the social skills they promote in the classroom.

Blocks super are recommended for children from 18 months to 5 years of age.

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