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How Technology is Affecting Your Children

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By Miniland

May 16, 2017

8 Minute read

There is no way to get around the fact that our children are going to grow up in a technology-driven world, and the sooner we learn how to properly manage their exposure to the myriad devices available to them – the better for everyone.

We don’t deny that there are positive links between child development and technology. In fact, there are many positives associated with a healthy exposure to it. Educational games in the form of apps, video games and other new forms of gamification, enable children to learn in a completely new way – one that they really enjoy.

Technology also opens horizons for children, and they have access to things that they may never have seen before, for example, a child in Manhattan can read about and see the manatees in Florida, etc.

The problem is that we are dealing with the first generation of children that are growing up under the complete domination of technology. Without proper management, there is bound to be adverse effects on child development that could be an issue later on in life.

These are just a few of the problems that we have picked up from overexposure to screen-time:

Changes the way that their brains function

While technology can teach children to multitask, it does nothing for their concentration levels. This article by Psychology Today says that technology actually changes the way that our children’s brains are wired. They are easily distracted, struggle to focus, and concentration becomes very low.

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Other patterns, such as memory retention, also start to struggle. For example, a child has a wealth of information on the Internet and can search for it at any given time. However, very rarely will they remember what they read for a long period of time. Overexposure to technology also stunts their imagination, and their ability to think deeply about subjects.

Their social skills

One of the most adverse effects of technology on development is the way in which it affects their social skills and emotional behavior.

Children who are exposed to technology early, and who have a high volume of screen time are likely to have a hard time when it comes to making friends, and identifying with children of their own age.

Emotional intelligence is also affected, and studies have found that children who spend more time on their computers or in front of the TV have less empathy for others, and are more disconnected from the people around them.


Many countries in the world are struggling with an obesity epidemic. Children who are exposed to more technology, are less inclined to take an interest in sport and other physical activities.

We are seeing an increasing number of children playing video games or watching TV for hours a day, and this sedentary lifestyle is leading to large numbers of overweight children in society.

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These are just some of the issues that are associated with child development and technology, however, as parents, it is our responsibility to learn how to properly manage their exposure.

There are many positives to technology in education, and if used correctly, the combination of traditional teaching methods and technology can create an incredibly successful educational environment.

At Miniland, we believe that the use of technology in education is beneficial when used in the right capacity. Our Play Miniland products are preschool toys that integrate the use of technology and real-time educational toys to produce an overall learning experience for children. Have a look at our Play Miniland products for more information.