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Children and Nutrition: Ideas for a Healthy Birthday Party Menu

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By Miniland

November 24, 2016

8 Minute read

When it comes to children and nutrition, there has been a fundamental shift in the way that we, as parents go about it. With obesity becoming a massive problem all over the world, there has been a distinct effort from parents to introduce more healthy food into our kids’ diet.

With the rise of veganism and vegetarianism it is also important to cater for children that may not be into meat or dairy products. This makes catering for a child’s birthday party a whole lot more complicated than it used to be.

I have fond memories of birthday parties with tables spread with sugar laden delicacies – perfect for the four hours of uncontrolled sugar fuelled energy bursts and then the grumpiest of all come downs. While this may have seemed fun for me – I should imagine that it wasn’t that great for my parents, or those parents that were hosting the party.

So these snacks will not only help you cater for everyone healthily (while appeasing the mother who insists gluten free snacks for her kid) but you’ll also avoid creating 25 sugar-crazed monsters in your homes.

So when it comes to children and nutrition at birthday parties, here are our favorite healthy snacks:

 Fruit lollies

Almost every child loves ice lollies or ice cream of some sort, and no birthday party would be complete without it. Normal ice cream is filled with sugar and is bound to make the kids bounce off the walls and that’s why these delicious fruit lollies are the way to go.

fruit lollies.jpg

Using a variety of fruits, natural yoghurt (or fruit juice) and some honey, you can make delicious and nutritious fruit lollies in old yoghurt cups. Simply fill up the cups, pop a stick on the top and then freeze for around four hours. Viola! You now have a tasty and healthy ice cream snack. For alternative, vegan ice creams have a look at this great recipe from The Hungry Mouse.

Delectable smoothies

Setting up a little smoothie or juice bar is a great way to keep your little party-goers interested as well as hydrated. Get them to order smoothies at the bar, and watch while the barman concocts up something delicious.


A great idea is to create brightly colored smoothies that appeal to the little ones, that stick to the theme or that would be served in their favorite cartoons. Think “Brave” orange smoothie, “Elsa” blue, “Olaf” Pina Colada or “Shrek” green.

Chocolate covered fruit

Let’s be honest – any birthday party (no matter how healthy) can get away without providing some sort of chocolate. The secret is to use a little bit of chocolate to hide something delicious. The thing with children and nutrition is that they seem to be able to smell healthy food a mile off – even though most of it is tasty. So why not use a little chocolate to disguise it?

Although you can do it with any fruit, bananas are particularly effective and delicious to use. Simply melt (preferably dark) chocolate and dip a banana in, then roll it in nuts, dried fruit or seeds and leave to dry.

Fizzy drinks

When you have a gaggle of overexcited 3 - 5 year olds in your house, still buzzing from the latest physical activity and eager to quench their thirst, the last thing you want to do is ply them with sugar-laden fizzy drinks.


Try creating your own delicious fruit punch or a homemade lemonade like this great one from Jamie Oliver that is made from elderflower and frozen berries.

You child’s birthday party is the highlight of their year and at Miniland we understand the pressure that puts you under as a parent to make sure it’s perfect.

Download our handy birthday party packages that come complete with decorations, labels, menu ideas and other cool things for different themed birthday parties – they have been created to take some of the stress of your shoulders and allows you to relax and enjoy this special day.
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