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Children’s Educational Games for Every Birthday Party

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

December 1, 2016

8 Minute read

Let’s face it, one of the most exciting aspects at your child’s birthday party (after the presents, sweets and friends, of course) are the myriad of birthday games that get to be played.

It can be a difficult process thinking of appropriate games to play when it comes to varying age groups, personalities and numbers of children.

Children’s educational games can also play a part in great birthday party planning, and if you get the mix just right, then you could be improving the hand-eye coordination, maths skills, social skills and other important aspects of your child and their friends.

These are our choice of children’s educational games that you can use at birthday parties that won’t just ensure a whole heap of fun, but some learning along the way too:

DIY Projects

While not strictly “children’s educational games” DIY projects at birthday parties are a great way to get children taking the initiative, work with their hands, and learn how to build something.


There are a variety of arts and crafts that you can do at your child’s birthday party that can be scaled according to age. The great thing is that you can include the project as part of the party pack, and something like creating cupcakes or pizzas is a fun and easy way for kids to learn how to cook.

Creating necklaces, building photo frames, painting their own racing cars and many other cool projects such as making these awesome cardboard handbags are a great way to keep the kids busy, having fun, and learning some important skills. Here’s a list of other DIY projects to try at your child’s birthday party.

Outdoor children’s educational games

If you are having a party at your home and you have the space (and weather) to move the party outside – then there is nothing better. Outdoor activities are important for kids to get much needed physical activity, vitamin D and fresh air.

Things like obstacle courses can be adapted to add an educational element where kids have to solve math sums or other aspects to move on to the next physical obstacle.

At Miniland we offer an incredible range of sports and outdoor products that make perfect children’s educational games that can be used at a party. From Frisbee and throwing rings to bat and ball and child’s baseball.

We have a whole range of games that are perfectly suited to give kids a good workout and an enjoyable experience, all while improving their hand-eye coordination.

Indoor games

Whether you don’t have a large enough yard, or the the rain/cold is simply making it unusable – having a birthday party inside is completely fine too and there are tons of children’s educational toys that can be used to keep children entertained inside. Classic board games such as Balderdash and Snakes and Ladders are always a popular hit with children.


At Miniland, we have family board games that are perfect for a small birthday party, as well as construction games, puzzles and other awesome games that are sure to keep the little ones absolutely involved, while they simultaneously learn new things.

As you can see, there are plenty of children’s educational games that can be used at birthday parties that will keep everyone entertained. At Miniland, we produce high-quality educational toys and games that help parents throw the best birthday parties.

We also have Party Packages that contain everything you need for a themed birthday party for your child. Download our party packages here.

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