The Importance of Developing Emotions in the 21st Century

Preparing your child for a world that isn’t in existence can be a pretty tall order for a parent, however, you have to do your utmost to ensure that your child is equipped with the right skill set and developments to thrive in the future.

The 21st Century is one that has been characterized by incredible digital evolutions, and thus it’s imperative that your child possesses the tech skills to make their way through school and into a good career

Despite the fact that we are more connected with each other now than ever before, this has also resulted in an emotional and personal disconnection – children can be so hooked on screens that they really don’t know how to identify and connect with  other children around them.

This is why developing and nurturing emotions in your children is incredibly important:

EQ for leaders

Leaders in the 21st century have to have a whole heap of characteristics to ensure success: adaptability, problem-solving, digital-savviness and much more. One of the standout characteristics that we look for in leaders today however, is emotional intelligence (EQ). This skill allows leaders to be in a position of power but still have the capabilities to truly understand and connect with their employees. People follow those who understand their challenges and help them work on it to find solutions.


As mentioned earlier, we are now in a state of hyperconnectivity, where with just a touch of a button we can connect with people on the other side of the world. There is a bigger emphasis on teamwork than ever before, and children need to learn how to be global citizens who can happily work with different cultures and personalities throughout their schooling and future careers.

Ethics, accountability, and action

In the age of the Internet it’s easy to sit behind a screen and point fingers; never taking accountability for your actions, as there is very little chance of consequence. Teach your children how to use the internet safely, be kind and responsible towards other people and cultures, and try to use their personality to make the world a better place than it currently.

The best way to develop these skills in children is to use the combination of technology and educational games to teach your children about identifying emotions and the situation that evokes them. At Miniland we have developed a line of educational toys that deal specifically with values and emotions that help children to develop these essential social skills. Contact us for more information.