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Educational Resources for Parents to Encourage Emotion Regulation

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

March 28, 2017

8 Minute read

As parents, we are taught from early on that we need to instil the right values in our children, and from a young age we let our children know that stealing is bad or they shouldn’t lie. It’s also essential to let them know that biting, hitting and throwing tantrums is not good behavior.

The problem is, that while we know that we need to instil these values in our children to ensure that they turn into good people – we often fail to deal with the emotions that produce bad behavior.

Children need to develop coping mechanisms to deal with the overwhelming feelings that they will encounter every day. We need to teach our children how to constructively channel their anger or sadness, or how not to get to a level of manic excitement.

Parents and child psychologists have a number of different ways that they use to develop this emotion regulation and this often includes learning programmes or setting boundaries and punishments. However, we think the most effective way to develop emotion regulation is to let your child know that you hear them and acknowledge how they are feeling.


The Emotions Board

At Miniland, we understand the importance of emotion regulation in children. We have developed a daily activity that will help you and your child learn about and acknowledge the emotions that you feel throughout each day.

Each board comes with a set of ‘Emoticapsules’ that each represent an emotion. Identify these emotions and teach your child about them the first time that you do the activity.

The board has already got the days of the week on it and all you need to do is add your family’s names before you get started.

At the end of every day, your family should gather around the board and talk about all the emotions you felt through the day and discuss why. You then place the ‘emoticapsules’ on the board to represent the particular emotions. This helps you to identify what your child is feeling and why, as well as teaching them about the emotions that they are feeling too.

You can download this Emotions board off our website, and while you are there have a look at our newly developed values and emotions products like these below.


Emotions detective, a detective game to talk about everyday conflicts. It helps with expressing and dealing with feelings by interpreting how people feel. The game builds empathy. The ‘magic’ effect of the magnifying glass allows a potential solution to be found.”

This is an exciting and interesting toy that allows your child to identify emotions and find a constructive solution to deal with it.

Emoticapsules are capsules which represent basic emotions and store pictures or objects related to each emotion. They help with identifying and developing the ability to deal with emotions. They help with identifying and developing the ability to deal with emotions.”

These products are the larger version of those that can be stuck onto the Emotions Board, and they are a wonderful tool for children to learn about their emotions and how to deal with them, while also having fun.

The most important thing when it comes to emotional development in young children is to allow them to express them, identify them, and then find a solution together.

You can do this through educational toys, setting boundaries and simply listening to your child to help them learn about what they are feeling.

Download our Emotions Board or have a look at some of the other emotion regulation games and activities that we have developed to help you and your child.

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