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Effective Parenting Techniques to Empower Your Children

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By Miniland

March 14, 2017

8 Minute read

Growing up today is a completely different ballgame compared to 20 - 30 years ago. While we still want our children to grow up with the best education and professional success – we also want our children to grow up confident and full of self-belief.

This belief and self-confidence is perhaps the most tricky thing to get right in this day and age; parenting techniques have to change and evolve to keep up with the unique problems that children are facing today

Many children are overworked between long school hours, extracurricular activities and homework; they also have technology at their fingertips, which provides tons of benefits but also introduces factors such as cyber bullying.

As a parent, you need to take stock of the problems that your child is or is most likely to encounter and use your parenting skills to teach them to take the world on in the best way possible: with positivity and self-belief.

Here are a couple of parenting techniques to use to build up your child’s confidence:

Positive rather than negative reinforcement

While it is essential to teach your child the consequences of being ‘naughty’ – only reacting to the mistakes they make is no way to teach your child how to be the person that you expect them to be. Positive reinforcement is a much more successful teaching technique to get your children to believe in themselves.

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So, instead of focusing on them when they do something bad – rather reward your child when they do something right. Punishing your child for bad behavior might reduce that behavior but won’t encourage positive behavior. Empower your children when they do something positive and they will begin to actively try and be good children.

Provide them with a good example

As parents, you are your child’s main indicator of how to interact with the world around them. They will learn how to deal with problems, speak to others and all their other social skills from watching what you do.

This means that if you lose your temper quickly or speak to someone badly, your child will see this as correct and mimic you.Set out to the best role model that you possibly can and set an example for your little ones to watch and follow in your footsteps.

Give them a break in their timetable

One of the biggest problems that children are facing today is burnout. There is an inordinate amount of pressure on them to perform not just academically, but also on the sports field or music hall. As parents, we can have the propensity to overbook our children’s timetable, and this leaves them with little time for personal growth.

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Clear your child’s timetable for an hour or so a day and don’t expect them to be on the go at all times. Take some time out to spend with them and allow them just to be children for a little while.

Teach them that they are unique

One of the best parenting techniques for teaching your child self-confidence is simply giving them the reinforcement that they need. Compliment your child and teach them that their uniqueness is indeed a strength to be utilized rather than something to be hidden. The key to your child believing in themselves is seeing that you believe in them too – this will give them all the confidence that they need.

At Miniland, we try and provide the best ideas and inspirations for parents to create a nurturing and educational environment at home for their children. Have a look at our Miniland Family range to some of our great educational toys or keep an eye on our blog for more advice and information for parents and teachers.

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