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Essential Skills Your Child Needs to Develop for School

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

February 13, 2018

10 Minute read

Going to school for the first time is both exciting and daunting – for you and your child. Your baby is growing up, and needs to prepare for a totally different environment. They’re going to make new friends and learn new things, so it’s important to ensure they’re prepared for this new adventure.

Other than basic motor skills development, there are many skills your young child should already have. Since we’re living in the digital age your child probably already knows how to operate a cell phone or tablet, but here are a few of the the basic and essential skills they should learn before starting school:

Proper bathroom etiquette

There’s more to bathroom etiquette than being potty trained. Your child may have depended on you when using the bathroom at home, but now they’ll need to use it on their own. They should know the basics like using the toilet, closing the door for privacy, flushing, and washing their hands. If they’re not accompanied by a teacher, they should also be able to differentiate between the girls’ and boys’ bathroom.

Following simple instructions

Before your child starts preschool, they should be able to understand and follow basic instructions. This will ensure that they can function effectively in their new environment. At this age, they should be able to follow three-part instructions like ‘pick up your shoes, put them on, and meet me outside.’

To get your kids prepared you can give them simple two-part and three-part instructions at home. Use clear and specific commands and repeat them slowly if necessary. You can also make following instructions fun by including toys like building blocks or playing Simon Says.

Basic self-help skills

A child at preschool level should be able to dress and feed themselves. This includes managing buttons and zips, putting on gloves, tying their shoes, and putting on their backpack. They should also know how to unwrap their own food and open their juice container or insert a straw into their juice box.

Make sure your child practices dressing themselves and does simple tasks like opening different kinds of food packaging and packing away their toys after they’ve played with them. This will also help with their motor skills development.

Communication skills

Preschoolers should be able to talk, listen, and clearly communicate their needs. If your child wants a glass of water or needs to go to the bathroom, they should be able to easily get the message across to the teacher. Teach your child to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when appropriate, and encourage them to use full sentences. To help with your child’s communication skills, read to them out loud and introduce new words and expressions into their vocabulary.

Identify and match basic colors, shapes, and numbers

Preschoolers should be able to match and sort objects by color, shape, and function. Basically, they should know what different things are used for. These are the foundational skills your child needs to help them form the framework required for future learning.

Help your child point out patterns, numbers, and shapes on a regular basis. You can make it fun by using charts at home and by letting your child play with toys that will familiarize them with different colors and shapes.

Miniland educational toys were developed specifically to help kids learn the necessary skills they need to function in different environments, at different stages of their lives. Our specialty toys are all age-appropriate and our products were designed with the intention of teaching specific developmental skills to young children. Contact us for more information.

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