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How Google’s family link app can help manage your child’s digital exposure

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By Miniland

July 25, 2017

8 Minute read

One of the main concerns when it comes to being a parent today is the exposure that children are getting to the internet. Access to online platforms has become the norm, and with the development of smartphones, children have access to the internet right at their fingertips.

The internet isn’t all bad and has helped children in ways that we could never have done before. However, security issues such as kidnapping and sexual predators (among others) are well-founded concerns for parents. Then there’s exposure to porn, violence and other subject matter that definitely shouldn’t be seen by small eyes.

Managing access and exposure to the internet has almost been impossible, and while most platforms have some sort parental controls, there hasn’t been anything innovative enough to help parents to a greater extent.

Now Google has created Family Link, which is set to change the face of parental control over their children’s online use.

Here’s what parents can do with the Family Link app:

Set bedtime and awake time

Children are generally out of eyesight when they are in their bedrooms, and this is particularly true when they are meant to be sleeping. Managing their internet usage late at night or early in the morning is almost impossible.

The Family Link app, however, allows parents to set a bedtime and an awake time that blocks their child’s access after a certain hour at night and before a certain time in the morning. This is a great way not just to manage what they are seeing but also to ensure that they are getting much-needed sleep instead of playing on their phones.

Approve/deny access to sites and apps

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The app also allows parents to have the ability to approve or deny any app that their child wants to download. Before the chosen app is downloaded, the parent is notified on their phone, and they can then have a look at what it is and decide from there whether they will allow it. This isn’t just for security reasons but also acts as a barrier for apps which the child may download, unaware that they cost money.

Time reports

Family Link also sends parents weekly or monthly reports to track how much time was spent online and which app/site their child spent the most time on. It gives insight into what children are watching and for how long, and parents can then set a daily limit for the amount of screen time that their children are allowed access to.

Child tracking and remote blocking

Through the GPS feature, the app also allows parents to track where their child is. This is obviously a great security feature to have, but also a way for parents to check where their kids are throughout the day. They are also able to turn off access remotely whenever they want, and this can be particularly useful for kids that are doing homework or who won’t put their phones down over dinner.

These are just some of the features of Family Link that could help parents properly manage their child’s internet usage. However, you must not forget that the internet is essential in this day and age; if monitored correctly and paired with the right educational toys, it is a useful and informative tool that will help your child develop. We believe that cyber security and management, however, is imperative for parents to be in control of their child’s exposure to online platforms.

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At Miniland we have created a product range that focuses on the use of a combination of technology, the internet, traditional learning methods, and educational toys which help parents to give their children a well-rounded education. Contact us for more information on our educational products that will help your child develop the necessary skills for school.