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How Play Miniland Can Enhance Your Child's Emotional Intelligence

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

January 2, 2018

8 Minute read

We live in an increasingly digital age, and while this has opened up new avenues for children to learn things that were never accessible for past generations – it has had some negative impacts.

It’s been noted that children who have been exposed to too much technology lack the basic life skills to form friendships and handle the real life situations that they are faced with going into school.

This ultraconnectivety has had an adverse effect on the way that children interact and form connections with their peers and other people that they come into contact with.

We have spoken before about how important it is to develop emotional intelligence, or EQ, in children in the 21st century, and even how it is a fundamental skill for your children should they wish to develop into leaders in their school and career.

This emotional disengagement has prompted us at Miniland to create an educational toy that incorporates all the basics that your child needs to grow into well-rounded emotional adults.

What is Play Miniland?

Play Miniland is a new method of teaching and learning that encourages children to use technology in conjunction with more traditional methods of teaching. It pushes interaction and has a whole diverse range of games, educational sheets, digital activities and other age-appropriate material that will help your child develop their life skills.

How Does It Work?

Play Miniland is based on Active Learning through play with toys, as a method to build knowledge by using different resources.

Jean Piaget is a Swiss epistemologist and psychologist, known for his contributions to the study of children and his constructivist theory of development. He says that “One must always bear in mind that knowledge does not arise from objects, nor from the child independently, but from the interaction between the child and the objects” Creator of genetic epistemology.”

With this in mind, we built specialised toys that encourage children to interact and play with objects that encourage a different set of skill building:

  • Sensory: Sensory games that enable the stimulation of senses in early years.
  • Symbolic: Symbolic games that allow to recreate real everyday situations, in order to acquire understanding of our social environment.
  • Construction: Construction games, with which children can exercise their motor and manipulative skills, gradually controlling how to express their feelings and emotions (self-esteem).
  • Rules: Games which help children accept and follow game rules.

Within all the games in Play Miniland, children are encouraged to be inquisitive, learn, share, and develop the essential life skills that they need going forward. Most importantly, all the games are incredibly fun and an excellent way for you to teach your child while they enjoy themselves.

With 34 digital games, numerous activity sheets, and an endless amount of information, Play Miniland is a comprehensive way to teach your children about developing their emotions and values in a safe and fun loving environment.

At Miniland, we have developed a whole range of educational toys that encourage the development of emotions and values in little ones. Take a look at Play Miniland for more information or check out our other emotions and values educational toys.


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