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Logic and math games to reinforce skills with fun

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

October 11, 2016

8 Minute read

Miniland Educational math sets support early math concepts and skills – for both home and classroom use.  Pre-math skills include understanding size, shape and patterns, counting, recognizing numbers, identifying more and less, and understanding equivalences.

Math games and kits like these give children a head start in understanding numbers, basic math operations, currency and more; and they are a supplement to the formal math education as well.

The Importance of logic and math games in both intellectual and psychosocial development

Logic and math games can be very powerful educational tools which stimulate and motivate learning.

In early developmental years, children begin to notice and explore mathematical concepts in the world around them – so pre-math sets allow them to play spontaneously or in a purposeful way to achieve certain results.

Logic and math games promote understanding and use of math and the development of logical thinking, encourage the development of self-esteem, explain math with fun situations, boost the development of collaboration and teamwork and are conducive to performing mental calculations.

They also improve mental agility, promote resourcefulness, creativity and imagination as well as stimulate inductive and deductive reasoning.

Pair Game

The Pair Game is a game of matching and association that helps exercise memory and develop logic in a fun way.  This game aids in the acquisition of vocabulary. It’s a test for memory and the powers of concentration.

There are 24 game cards containing images of parts of the body, animals and various symbols, patterns, numbers... Some matches are a direct match and some require association.  This game can be played individually and in groups.  It teaches also how to follow game rules and respect others.

Auto Math

What sets this game apart from the rest is that it’s a math preparatory game. Automath incorporates the preliminary learning of basic math attributes, using 36 primary colored vehicles, 12 (progressively difficult) plastic activity boards (8 ¼” x 11 ½”) for games that involve the following Pre-K math basic skills:

Classifying:  same, different, classify by color
Comparing:  data and in a graph
Spatial sense – direction: inside/outside, above/below, and left, middle and right
Shapes – recognize the shapes of the different vehicles

What makes this game great is the multi-lingual Tutorial which instructs how to make the most of this game.


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