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Miniland Educational Toys for Every Age

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

January 19, 2017

8 Minute read

As children grow they start to develop in new and exciting ways, and every age group has specific skills that start to grow and sharpen into the essential ones that they’ll need throughout their lives.

A baby needs to learn to make noises, a few months later they will be learning to crawl, then speak and walk, and before you know it they will be forming complete sentences and doing simple math sum

One of the main ways that children learn is through fun and toys, but you can’t give your six-month-old an alphabetic set and expect them to know what to do with it. That’s why our Miniland educational toys have been developed not just to be of the highest quality and really durable – but also built to target a specific age group and to assist them in learning the skills they need.

Our range of Miniland educational toys is wide, and we undoubtedly have something to suit your child perfectly. Here’s a look at just some of our favorite toys and the age groups that they have been designed for:

0-6 Months

At 0-6 months, babies are just starting to follow movement and things with their eyes and they can recognize colors. At this stage, their main development comes in the form of learning how their body works and starting to sharpen skills such as grabbing onto things.

Our Moogy Rattle is an educational toy that is perfectly developed for this age group. This lovely soft toy is created to work on eyesight, auditory perception, and helping little ones learn to grip objects better.

6-12 Months

From 6-12 months children will be able to recognize voices and sounds, make more deliberate movements and be able to kick out and hold onto things with much more strength than before. They are usually able to stay sitting upright, and some may even have started to crawl.

Our Super Blocks: Farm set is an educational toy that is great for this age group. The small vehicles, fences, trees and farm animals are a great way to have fun, but also a perfect way to learn the names and roles of the elements on the farm.

12-24 Months

At 12-24 months, children should be crawling, standing, walking, and in some cases even jumping. They understand basic words and should be able to throw objects and have achieved some sort of balancing skill.

At this age, children generally like to start creating things and being outside. We have created the Sand Mold set that is perfect for the beach or the sandpit and allows children to use the shapes to create their own pictures and drawings.

24-36 Months

Children between 24-36 months will be speaking, running, jumping and understanding much more. They will hone new skills very quickly, enjoy playing with other children, and they will start to play pretend games such as ‘house’ and imitate scenarios around them. Their hand-eye coordination should really start to take off.

Our Nuts and Bolts set is the perfect pick of Miniland educational toys to get children of this age creating shapes, thinking about building things, and improving their hand-eye coordination. The plastic is durable and it should bring many happy hours to your child.

3-6 Years

Your child’s brain is like a big sponge at this stage and will be soaking up new information and skills at a massive rate of knots. They live in a bit of a magical world, and their favorite games are bound to be made up and fantastical. Their motor skills will improve rapidly and they will start learning the alphabet and how to count.

Our Activity 123 Alphabet comes in hard and soft plastic and they include the correct ways to draw the letters. This range of Miniland educational toys helps little ones learn how to see, read, and understand the alphabet and basic numbers and start to draw them correctly.

6-8 Years

At the ages of 6-8, children will start to connect with reality a little bit more and not engage in so many imaginative and fantastical games. They should be able to speak comprehensively, writing should improve drastically, and they must be able to count competently. They start to enjoy competitive games and love to play with their friends. Learning new things is exciting and keeps them entertained.

Kids love dinosaurs, and our On The Go Discover Evolution is one of our favorite Miniland educational toys and is great for children looking for something new to keep them busy. This game uses memory and imagination, as well as getting children interested in science and improves their vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

8-10 Years

Language is hugely important between the ages of 8-10 years, and children start to play with rules, plots and plans. Math skills should improve hugely, and sport and team play should be quite well developed. Three-dimensional shapes should be recognized and able to be drawn or created.

Our Conexion is a complicated geometric building toy that will keep your child entertained for hours. An infinity of 3-dimensional polyhedrons and volumetrically made shapes can be built from 2 polygons. It comes with a guide with hundreds of examples and instructions.

As you can see, our Miniland educational toys have been designed to specifically target different age groups and the skills that they should be developing. Getting age-appropriate educational toys for your children is essential in order for your child to develop correctly. Have a look at our product range and choose from some of our high quality, age-specific toys that will be perfect for your child.

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