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When it comes to making those important and tough decisions about your child’s education and learning needs, it’s usually very serious business—but that doesn’t mean you can’t use educational toys for kids as complementary tools in their learning journey.

Children’s toys and games aren’t just fun distractions; they are an entertaining and rewarding way for children to develop coordination, spatial awareness, fine motor control, and a wide range of social skills and complex problem-solving mechanisms.

There are hundreds—if not thousands—of toys, games, and puzzles out there for kids, so to help you we’re listing our top three educational toys that will give your children an edge once they enter the classroom. And not only are they educational, they’re tons of fun to boot!

Blocks of fun

Display Pixel Craft Challenge combines the best parts of construction and creativity in a fun and stimulating block-based game that is as limitless as your child’s imagination. These smallish and colorful squares come in five different styles—Ship, Bridge, Tower, Igloo, and Temple—and can be combined in any combination to build intricate houses, expansive landscapes, teetering towers… whatever their hearts desire.

Building games like these are excellent for encouraging imaginative play, coordination, logic, and problem-solving skills, and really work to develop concentration and spatial awareness. The pieces are universal too, so more blocks of whatever style your child wants can be added to cater to even the biggest imaginations.

In all things, balance

Maze balance board

When developing your children’s core skills, it can be easy to focus on social skills or language skills at the expense of simple skills like balance and fine motor control. With the Maze Balance Board, kids can build and navigate track mazes of varying difficulty to bolster their patience, spatial orientation, and ability to exercise care and balance.

This maze board features interchangeable pieces with ‘maps’ to build mazes and paths, which players then complete to earn points. The dot-grid and modular design give your children the freedom to experiment with original and complex designs of their own. Some of the mazes can be really tricky, making this balance board a great way to teach your children how to work patiently and solve delicate problems.

Towers of fun for the whole family


Marbulous, with its twisting tunnels and winding curves, is a delight for children of all ages. The idea is as simple as it is engrossing: Using the easy-to-clean and durable plastic pieces, build the most complex, tall, and winding marble track you can.

This safe and fun building game teaches spatial awareness and creativity, and helps your child to develop their problem-solving skills. It’s great fun for both boys and girls, and teaches children how to cooperate, as well as how to compete in a positive and constructive manner.

Best of all, the building pieces are durable and interchangeable, so additional pieces can be added to your child’s collection to create even crazier and more intricate contraptions. Marbulous is guaranteed fun for the whole family.

At Miniland, we believe that a combination of fun, learning, and technology will give your child the holistic educational experience they need for a bright future. Have a look at our educational toys for kids, which were developed with this holistic way of learning in mind. 

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