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Products such as Block Super stand out due to their comprehensive educational content and great gameplay

Miniland Educational provides educational toys for a family audience wishing to acquire games with a high educational content for children, and which also feature teaching material which serves as support for parents and educators.

As such, we have made great efforts this year to increase our range of educational family toys, featuring content which our customers have found extremely innovative and with significant added value.

Furthermore, we have striven to renew the presentation and packaging of many of our products, in addition to a new display concept (The Educational Corner) and new marketing materials which we expect will provide excellent support at points-of-sale.

New educational toys and a new stand at the Spielwarenmess


Stand en Feria de Nuremberg

All the new features have been presented at the new Miniland Educational stand at the International Nuremberg Toy Fair, located in pavilion 5, the most suitable for our educational game content.

The new stand covers an area of 170 square metres (almost 50% bigger than the area of previous years), and is divided into three sectors: Miniland EducationalMiniland Baby and Moogy Collection + Moogy Apps.

One of the highlights of our new features is the new Blocks Super, our classic construction game, to which sections of track have been added to make circuits, different models of vehicles and sets of colourful building blocks. All this enables children to assemble different thematic scenarios in which to play with the characters in the collection.

Block Super

Also worthy of mention this year is the presentation of the Activity Sets, complete sets of activities based on some of our games which are most appreciated by both parents and educators, including nuts and bolts, buttons, sewing templates, stackable shapes, etc.

Moreover, the Math Activity Pack provides new sets of activities which complement and enrich some of our classic mathematics games.

The Educational Corner

The Educational Corner by Miniland collection is designed to guarantee many hours of entertainment and learning in the form of new large-scale displays for points-of-sale. The games involved are fun and provide values and knowledge.

Many of these games come with learning sheets or guidelines. These games promote psychomotor coordination, spatial orientation, stimulate the imagination and spark a first sense of reasoning in boys and girls. This collection features games geared to all requirements.

Moogy Apps+Moogy Collection

Moogy applications for tablets and smartphones have been created to help young children develop their language and stimulate their visual sense. These applications are developed, analysed and tested by professionals from the field of education. Babies aged 3 months and over find these applications colourful, entertaining and attractive.


The star of these applications is Moogy, our friendly mascot, cheerful and brightly coloured, created especially to be hugged and to promote affectionate bonds. Moogy focuses on the tactile and visual contrast between the different textures, highly appropriate for the stimulation of the senses.

The launch of these applications coincides with that of playMiniland, the new games program by means of which Miniland Educational intends to merge our traditional educational toys with new digital applications and teaching guides.

Educational Family