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Parenting advice for new parents

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

June 27, 2017

8 Minute read

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting and wonderful things that can happen to a person. Many people dream of bringing children into the world and nurturing them into well-rounded, successful adults.

Being a parent, however, is also incredibly challenging; a whole other human is now dependent on your for its life, and every decision that you make will have an effect on them. So understandably, becoming a parent is pretty hair-raising and can certainly be intimidating

The thing is that nothing can prepare you for having a child; none of the parental classes, or how many times you babysat friends’ babies. 

There are a few words of wisdom that you should take heed of that will undoubtedly improve your time as a parent, as well as help your child develop in an enriching environment.

Be realistic

“Oh! Life isn’t going to change that much!”, “I can still do all the things I used to do and just bring the baby with!”

These are just some of the phrases to get out of your head when you are about to become parents for the first time. While it’s nice to imagine that your life will be unchanged by the addition of a little human in the household – the fact of the matter is that it is going to be irrevocably changed from your life before.

You need to be realistic in knowing that your life is now going to revolve around your children, and this will help you be prepared for those nights you can’t go out with the girls, or the days when you have to stay home instead of playing golf. Being realistic about the changes coming is the best way to adapt.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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There are going to be times where you are going to be at your wits’ end, and feel like you have made an absolutely horrible mistake by becoming a parent. Don’t worry though, this is something that everyone goes through.

You need to ensure that you have a strong support network that you can turn to when the going gets tough. If you need some sleep, simply ask your husband/wife to help out or ask grandparents/friends to come over for a few hours.

Being able to ask for help when you need it isn’t a weakness – rather it’s strong of you to understand that you aren’t a superhero and could do with a little assistance to be the best parent that you possibly can.

Do it your own way

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ equation for being a good parent. In fact, almost every person on this planet varies in the way that they bring up their children. You and your partner are both individuals, and so is your child – that means that you are all going to do things and respond to scenarios differently.

Learn what works for you and your child and stick to it. Don’t feel like you have to do what all the other parents are doing, or feel like you are less of a parent because you have a different way of doing things. As long as your child is happy, healthy and developing correctly then just keep doing what you have been doing.  

Start to develop their skills from an early age

Did you know that babies as young as a couple of weeks old can learn to swim? You may think your child is small and fragile, but the truth is they are capable of a lot more than you think they are. One of the most important skills for them to get to grips with early on is the development of motor skills.

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Make sure that you always have educational toys available for your little ones to learn from. They can learn motor skill development, hand-eye-coordination and other essential skills that will help them to learn to read and write early than you would think.

At Miniland, we have developed educational toys for children of all ages to help them learn while they play. Have a look at our age group specific educational toys, and choose the ones that your child will love.

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