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Parenting Resources for Birthday Party Planning

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

November 8, 2016

7 Minute read

Every parent wants their child to have an amazing birthday party; a party that is not just fun for everyone involved, but one that also runs according to plan.

 Planning a party for your little one can be exciting and a whole lot of fun, but left too late and it can be a hectic and stressful time where you feel like you are running around like a headless chicken. This is why planning the party in advance is the best thing that you can do.

There are tons of parenting resources on the web that will send you in the right direction for an incredible birthday party. While budgets and personal preference may differ according to individuals – this is our list of the most important aspects to take into consideration when planning your child’s birthday party.


Plan in advance

The first tip in our parenting resources for birthday party planning is that you need to start planning early. You should begin organising, delegating and booking at least a month in advance, and that way if there is some sort of problem – it can be dealt with – with plenty of time to spare. Give yourself plenty of time to organize the party and you should find that it will be relatively stress free.


Decide on a theme

Most younger children love to have themed birthday parties (thank goodness the year of Frozen has passed and there should be less “Let it go” sing-alongs). Ask your child what theme/themes they want for their party and then you can decide on the most appropriate, as sometimes budget and logistics just can’t cater for some themes. Ask your kid what their favorite thing/character about the theme is and make sure that you make this the centerpiece of the party.

Check availability

There’s no point in having a birthday party for your little one if their bestie can’t make it. Check the availability of all the most important people in your kid’s life like best friends and classmates. Also remember that if you are hiring any entertainment like clowns or other acts, you should check their availability asap.


Choose location

Most people choose to have their children’s parties at their own homes and this makes sense with regards to budget and ease of planning. However, some people simply don’t have the space or time to organise a birthday party at home and will therefore have it somewhere else. Try and find somewhere that your child loves to go and organize it there – another great idea is to have it in the local park if the weather is good.



First things first, you need to decide exactly who you are inviting. Choose your child’s closest group of friends and invite those who have invited your child to their parties before. Decide whether you want extended family at the party too or if you would rather have a separate day for family to come around and spend some time with the birthday boy/girl.

When you send out invitations – remember to keep the theme in mind and consider how you would like to send them. Paper invitations are great for children to hold and read but there has been a shift towards a more digital format, with invitations being sent out by email in order to be more environmentally friendly.


Games and activities

No birthday party is complete without a range of games and activities to keep the little ones occupied. Choose appropriate, easy to manage games that will include everyone. Birthdaygamesplus.com has an excellent array of games and activities for you to browse and choose from. Remember to make an itinerary to have the day move along without any hitches.


Menu and decorations

Let’s be honest – most kids parties incorporate a whole lot of sweet things – that’s one of the most exciting things for those attending. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some healthy things here and there. Decide on a menu a couple of weeks in advance and make sure it matches with the theme. For example, a ship cake will go well with a pirate theme.

Also remember to decorate your house in accordance with the theme too, in order to make sure it really is a hit with the little ones.


Inspiration, packages and parenting resources

If you are feeling a little uninspired and stuck for ideas about what to do for your child’s birthday – worry not! There are literally hundreds of different pages to search through and get some ideas. Our favorites right now include The Party Dress, Celebrations at Home, and Hostess with the Mostess, to name just a few.

Another amazing trend that has really taken off are birthday party packages. These are themed packages that come with the complete party regalia, from invitations and menus to decorations, costumes and labels for bottles, cupcakes and popcorn buckets. It’s a simple and stress-free way to host a really amazing birthday party for your little one without too much hassle.

If you are looking for high quality packages to make your child’s birthday party incredible, then have a look at our amazing offers and download our guide for more information and parenting resources for birthday party planning. Have a look at our wide range of educational toys that will make any party, or any day really, a super fun learning experience.

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