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Parents and education: Be a leader, not a boss

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

February 2, 2017

10 Minute read

Being a parent is no easy feat. Once you welcome your little bundles of joy into the world, you know you need to prepare yourself for less sleep, many changes of diapers, picking up and carrying to and from lessons and friends, and so much more.

In essence, your life as you knew it, will no longer be the same. Your life revolves around your children. And while some aspects of parenting are phenomenal, some are incredibly hard. Like learning to let go. Like being a role model and leading your children instead of being the in-house dictator.

This form of parenting, while sometimes scary, allows your children to grow up into emotionally intelligent, opinionated, independent people who can make their own choices, and perhaps even become leaders themselves. This is a vital part of being great parents and education of your children. So how do you lead your children instead of control them? Here are some pointers:

Learn to lead your own life

When it comes to being good parents and education of your children on how to be a good leader, you first need to ensure you are fully in control of your own life. In essence, you want to be able to lead your life before you can show your children how to be leaders.

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Remember, that the first people your children look to as the example of how to be in the world is you – their parents. So make sure you are the role models you would want for your children. Some of the ways in which to ensure that you are in charge of your own life is to practice both self-awareness and self-growth.

None of us are perfect, but we can be aware of things we do that aren’t ideal, and we can work on them every day. Show your children the ability to do this and the value of doing so.

Encourage your children to make their own choices

When it comes to parents and education of their kids, there are some non-negotiables: manners, kindness, honesty, integrity, bedtimes, needing to go to school and much more.

As parents, there have to be some non-negotiables. And that list can go on for ages. However, it’s also important that with the negotiables, you allow your children to make up their own minds about things.

You can start letting them know their opinion matters by asking for it, by including their wants and suggestions in family holidays, by listening to and encouraging preferences and embracing different tastes and viewpoints.

It’s vital that your children learn to make decisions for themselves, and that they know they have a safe space to do so.

Use positive communication

When you use positive communication when it comes to being good parents and education of your children, you tend to get more positive results. Being negative or raising your voice will probably cause your children to go on the defensive, causing an even more negative result.

A real parent leader knows how to communicate to encourage positive action. It also allows you to be diplomatic and to take action from a calm point of view and not a reactionary place.


Think about what you are going to say to your child and give them choices. That way they can take responsibility for their actions, as well as for any consequences that may arise.

Approach problems as opportunities

A leader approaches problems as opportunities instead of negative situations. A good attitude and an optimistic perspective will help you to come up with solutions to any challenges that may arise in life. It’s much more powerful to jump into problem-solving mode as a parent then into stress mode.

Practice and encourage emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a concept that is probably quite familiar to you by now. It’s the ability to notice your own emotions, manage them and express them. It’s also the ability to relate to others empathetically. It’s important that you can approach things with emotional intelligence and that you help your children learn these skills.

Try to ensure that you balance family and life

Balance in this frenetic world is crucial. It’s also important not to be so stressed out or invested in outcomes in life. You need to make sure that you balance time with your family as well as work and the rest of life's demands.

Help your children be the best they can be

As a parent leader, you want to inspire your children to dream, teach them important lessons and skills, and help them become the best they can be. Everything you do and every situation that arises, ask yourself if this is in the best interest of your family, you, and most importantly, your children.

At Miniland, we commit to helping parents with their children’s education by providing quality resources and educational games. Contact us for more information about all things related to parents and education.

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