Raising successful children

Every parent has a different idea of what future they want for their children. Some want track stars, others want a musical genius, a math whizz, or an entrepreneurial spirit.

However, no matter the specific plans for their children – the one thing that most parents have in common is that they simply want their children to be successful.

Success isn’t something that comes easily; success is something that has to be worked for. While there is no blueprint for bringing up successful kids, there are some things that parents can do that will set up their kids to travel down the right path.

It’s best to start preparing your children from an early age if you want to really nurture a personality that strives for success. These are our five top tips to get started:

Be authoritative, not authoritarian

Being a good parent is all about balance, and finding the right balance in your parenting style is imperative for raising successful children. Many kids today struggle with authority, and this is often to their detriment, as they will struggle with teachers, principals, and bosses throughout their lives.

Teach your children to respect authority but not submit to those with authoritarian and power-hungry ideals. How you teach your children to respond to your authority as a parent will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and you can do this by being strong but also supportive.

Respect different learning styles but encourage high educational standards

Every child is going to have a different style of learning. Some may be excellent readers by the age of 5, while other kids may struggle until they are much older. Keep in mind that kids will learn at their own pace, and if one thing isn’t working for your child then you should perhaps try another method.

Respecting different styles of learning is important and giving your child the license to learn in their strongest way is essential. However, don’t forget to set high educational standards for them. Push them to learn continually and to try their hardest in every academic endeavor that they encounter.

Encourage the “growth mindset”

Tony Robbins is one of the most successful motivational speakers in the world, and he believes that we have to encourage the “growth mindset” in children.

Robbins says, the key is, “don’t tell them how perfect they are, how beautiful they are, how smart they are, how unique and special they are. Instead, offer praise and encouragement that focuses on the effort they expend to overcome problems–persistence, determination, constantly flexing your approach.”

Physical activity

Children today are struggling with a sedentary lifestyle; a lifestyle behind screens and in air conditioned rooms. This is not healthy for their mental or physical well-being. It’s your job as a parent to ensure that your child is getting the necessary exercise that they need.

Get them to join a sports club, or simply encourage them to go outside every day – take them hiking or to the park. Time outside and away from the screen is one of the best ways to keep your child’s mind healthy and active.

Good relationships and social skills

It’s no secret that most successful people have excellent social skills and get along with others easily. This trait can be nurtured from a young age through your own behavioral examples, and also by teaching your children through toys and games that encourage social skill development and emotional intelligence.

Invest in some of these toys from early childhood and you will find that your children will begin school with a well-rounded personality that will only improve with age.

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