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Resources For Parents: The Ultimate Birthday Party Checklist ☑

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By Miniland

December 13, 2016

8 Minute read

Birthday parties are a huge deal for children of any age, and I’m sure that you can remember your very own birthday parties from your childhood.

The thing is, as fun as the party is for your child – it can be equally as stressful for you. Planning and executing a birthday party at home is not always a smooth ride and parents can feel pressured to deliver the best birthday party that they possibly can.

Well, we are here to help you out. This ultimate birthday party checklist is part of our Resources for Parents party advice and you can print it out to make your party planning a whole lot easier:

2 – 3 Months Before the Party

☐ Ask your child what theme they want and decide on the best one

☐ Decide how many people you want to have and who you are going to invite

☐ Check the most important guests’ availability and then decide on a date when they can all attend

☐ Book any entertainment far in advance to ensure they aren’t taken up on the day


3 – 4 Weeks Before the Party

☐ Send out invitations

☐ Decide on activities and schedule them 

☐ Buy supplies for games and activities


2 – 3 Weeks Before the Party

☐ Decide what food you will have and create a menu

☐ Prepare a grocery list for all food and drink stuff

☐ Ask friends or family for help for the birthday if you feel like you will need it


1 Week Before Party

☐ Clean the house and yard

☐ Create a cooking schedule for the day before and day of the party

☐ Order the cake if you aren’t making your own at home


3 Days Before Party

☐ Do the grocery shopping

☐ Perform a safety check on the house and yard (staircases must be safe, chemicals put away etc)


1 Day Before Party

☐ Prepare the food that can be refrigerated overnight

☐ Put drinks into the fridge

☐ Prepare party packs

☐ Put up decorations if possible

☐ Set up games and activities if possible


Day of Party

☐ Prepare last minute food in the morning

☐ Set out the dessert table if you have one

☐ Collect ice and helium balloons

☐ Pick up cake

☐ Lay out the food table

☐ Set up last minute games and decorations

☐ Heat up the food that has been refrigerated if needs be

☐ Have fun


2 - 3 Days After Party

☐ Help your child to send out thank your notes to everyone that helped or attended

With this ultimate checklist in hand – party planning is stress free and should run smoothly. A great idea for planning parties is to buy party packs that come with all the necessary decorations, costumes and labels that are needed for a themed birthday party.

Have a look and download our awesome party packs. Our high quality, durable Miniland family educational toys are a perfect addition to any birthday party.
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