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Develop the skills your child will need for kindergarten

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

August 22, 2017

8 Minute read

So, your little one is preparing to go to Kindergarten in the coming fall, and you are trying to get them up to speed with all the necessary skills they will need for the next big step.

While it’s fairly easy to know that your kid needs to start grasping the idea of the alphabet and should know some fairly easy counting – it can be overwhelming when trying to figure what other skills that they need to develop.

The thing is, kindergarten isn’t just about academics – there are much more important skills to teach your children that will ensure they have an easy integration into their class.

These are the skills we think that your children need most of all:

A love of learning

From an early age, you need to foster a love of learning new things in your child. Do exciting activities that get them thinking; make them intrigued about new ideas, games, books and other aspects of their lives.

A love of learning will help them through kindergarten and the rest of their school careers. A keen learner is often the most likely to enjoy school and to establish a great rapport with their teacher.

Social skills

skills devolpment in children.jpg

Teaching your child social skills is imperative, especially if they are an only child. You need to ensure that your child isn’t jealous, likes to share toys, and that they are able to get along with kids their own age and make friends.

Teaching them kindness, empathy and a sense of humor is a great way to ensure that your children will find friends.

Independence and self-care

It’s never nice letting your little one go off after being their sole caregiver and playmate for the last couple of years. However, it’s important that you teach them how to look after themselves in your absence.

Your child should know how to clean up after themselves, get dressed on their own and most importantly, go to the bathroom when they need it without having to rely on you or the teacher.

Talking, reading and writing

It’s important that your child has some sort of grasp of basic reading and writing skills. Reading is one of the most essential skills to teach your child from early on, and you should start reading to them from as early as possible.

Talking is a skill that can be overused in talkative children (to no harm) but if your child is shy, you need to teach them how to speak up about their feelings and needs. This will help their teachers and other children around them understand them better.

Motor skills

Skills development in children_.jpg

Motor skills are some of the most essential skills for your children to possess before they go to kindergarten. Use toys, activities, and games that help to develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and other physical attributes. This will help them with their balance, their writing, their ability to use scissors, and other things that will be required of them in kindergarten.

Our Miniland educational toys were developed to ensure that your child is fully ready to take on the challenge of kindergarten. We have different products that can assist your kid in different areas like motor skills, social skills, and academics.

Get hold of us for more information about our Miniland educational toys or advice for what you should purchase to help your child’s skill development before kindergarten.

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