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Successful Parenting: How Not to Parent

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By Miniland

May 9, 2017

8 Minute read

There is no tried-and-tested plan for parenting, and let’s face it: there’s no such thing as a perfect parent. Unfortunately, there is no “Easy Guide to Parenthood” or a “How Not to Suck at Parenting” handbook.

Alas, most parents are simply doing the best that they can; they are winging it, learning from their mistakes and hope that their kids turn into fully-functioning adults.

While there is no exact science to successful parenting, there are certainly things that you definitely shouldn’t do. Here is our list of the top things not to do as a parent.

Give into their sugar addiction 

We get it: sugar is delicious. It’s also incredibly addictive, and that makes it particularly troublesome. Children will do practically anything to get their hands on an extra cookie – from climbing cupboards to bribing grandparents – and it’s essential that you ensure they are not getting too much.

Too much sugar is bad for their teeth and skin, not to mention energy levels, and you are bound to end up with a sugar-fuelled maniac for an hour or two, and then a zombie after the crash. While your child should be allowed treats, try and keep the sugar to a minimum.

React to their tantrums


Tantrums. Probably the worst possible public scenario that a parent wants to deal with, and they are pretty shoddy to deal with at home too. If your child has a tendency to throw themselves around, then these are the things that you should definitely not do:

  • Laugh
  • Imitate them
  • Resort to bribery
  • Lose your temper
  • Walk away
  • Take it personally
  • Try to reason with them while they are in an unreasonable state.

Put work before family


In today’s world, it is increasingly hard to find that perfect work-life balance, and it’s more common that both parents have full-time jobs. This means that little ones can be shunted to the side a bit, but it’s hugely important to set aside some of your day to spend quality time with your family.

This can be particularly difficult if you are a single parent, the primary bread winner, or simply have a demanding job. However, if you fail to spend quality time with your child they will learn to resent you for it and you will miss out on key milestones and beautiful memories.

Refuse to help with school work


No one wants to come home from work and do monotonous maths homework or colour in drawings of farm animals.  However, helping your child with their homework is not just a way to ensure that they are doing things correctly, but is also an important bonding activity that will help you get closer to your child.

Our Miniland Educational Corner is a great way to ensure that your child is going to be prepared for school and gives you the perfect opportunity to bond with your child with some educational games. Have a look at our product range for more educational toys and activities.

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