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The Importance of Parental Involvement in Education

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By Miniland

April 18, 2017

8 Minute read

There is much research that supports the notion that children, in general, perform better at school if their parents are involved in their education. Despite the evidence that supports the importance of parental involvement in education, the US Department of Education says that parental involvement drops a staggering 55% by the time children turn 14.

Parents tend to get caught up in their jobs and begin to neglect the role that they play in supporting their children throughout their schooling career. Many people struggle to find the correct work-life balance that allows them to spend equal time between work and family.

Have a look at the importance of parental involvement in education:

Why you should get involved

Research from all over the world indicates that children are more likely to attend school, enjoy their classes, and excel in academic and sporting abilities if their parents are more involved in their education. Your presence pushes your child to strive for the best that they can do in order to make you proud – a child whose parent has no interest will simply lack the will to excel as they feel like their achievements won’t be acknowledged.

How you can get involved

There are a number of different ways to get involved with your child’s education:

  • Have a solid relationship with your child’s teacher and be in regular contact with them and other points of authority at the school. This allows you to find out if there is an issue before it develops further, or simply gives you the opportunity to praise your child if their teacher says that they are excelling.
  • You could also volunteer your time at events or become part of the PTA, which allows you to network and create contacts within the school system. Your presence will be known around campus and therefore teachers or other parents can approach you with ease to communicate.
  • Attending your child’s sporting events, spelling bees, piano recitals or anything that they are involved in is a great way to get them to strive towards improvement, and your attendance will result in them trying their hardest to make you proud. They will feel important and acknowledged.


The benefits to your child

Being involved in your child’s education is not just a good idea, it directly benefits your child in a number of ways. Have a look:

  • Self-esteem: Your involvement improves your child’s self-esteem and gives them a platform to develop their self worth. This is because they feel like you are making an effort to take an interest in their education and that they are an important aspect in your life.
  • Improved grades: Your children are likely to attend school more if you are involved, they will also strive to produce better grades in order to make you proud and to get the much loved praise that you give them when they do well.
  • More likely to excel at extra-curricular activities: Your presence is likely to spur your child on to take part in more sporting and cultural activities. If you regularly watch them, then they are also going to want to improve their standards to please you.


It is especially important to get involved with your child’s education if they have special needs. We have a product range designed specifically for special needs children, which they would benefit from having access to.

As you can see, the importance of parental involvement in education simply can’t be understated, and your child will have a better all-round performance if you make the effort. At Miniland, we encourage parents to take a keen interest in their child’s education, that is why we have developed a line of speciality toys – designed specifically to maximize parent-child interaction during education.

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