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Playing today, for tomorrow

by Miniland / January 9, 2018

Importance of Technology in Education

School systems are starting to take a more proactive role in noticing ...

by Miniland / December 26, 2017

STEM 2: Technology Skills for Kids

In this week’s blog we will be looking at technology for kids and how ...

by Miniland / October 24, 2017

Education and Technology: Using technology in your child's education.

Technology is essential for your child’s education today, and you ...

by Miniland / October 10, 2017

Overview on Play Miniland and Miniland Tech

One of the biggest things that we have to consider is the impact that ...

by Miniland / September 19, 2017

Kids and Technology: Is it changing the way kids play?

According to Uswitch, parents are set to spend a crazy amount of ...