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What Not to Do! Advice for Parents Preparing for a Birthday Party

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By Miniland

November 18, 2016

8 Minute read

It seems that a couple of years ago kindergarten and young kids’ parties were perfectly alright if they incorporated a couple of friends, a huge ice cream cake, a number of balloons and some sort of activity for the little ones to burn off the inordinate amount of sugar that they have consumed.

But those days are long gone, and while you aren’t required to quite create a “My Sweet 16” birthday just yet for your four year old, it seems to be heading that way.

Parents these days have a ridiculous amount of pressure lumped onto them when it comes to birthday parties (not from the toddlers, but their parents) and birthday parties seem to be getting bigger and better (probably a bit more pretentious too) over the years.

However, it is completely possible to throw a birthday party for your child that is totally acceptable, fun and not over the top. While there are tons of guides and parenting resources online for planning ‘the ideal’ birthday party – there aren’t many telling you how to avoid making a complete mess of it.

So this is our advice for parents on ‘what not to do’ when organizing your child’s birthday party:


Leave it to the last minute

If you are a fan of high blood pressure, pulling out your hair and having panic attacks then a sure way to go about it is leaving everything to the last minute. Advice for parents: do not do this if you want anything to go to plan. Book venues, prepare themes, get entertainment and send out invites around two months before the party.


Over invite

While it’s never nice to make your child choose which friends they want to invite to their birthday party – you simply can’t invite everyone. Space and cost are factors you have to consider and although it could be tempting to invite all 35 classmates (to avoid playground politics), as well as extended cousins and children of friends of friends, it has the potential to turn into a disaster. Advice for parents: rather go small than big, and invite a manageable number of kids to the party.


Only serve sugary treats

Children have a lot of energy on any given day, and the presence of a cake ensures that birthdays are always going to have a little extra. Whatever you do, don’t only serve sugary treats. Advice for parents: make sure there is plenty of water and try to serve sweet treats that are a little better like fruit and frozen yoghurt. Tons of sugar is a sure way to end up with yard full of crazy, wired kiddies that are almost impossible to control.


Try and be the entertainment

If your child wants a clown, then hire a clown. If they want a fairy princess, then hire a professional fairy princess. There are companies and individuals that do this for a living. Trying to host and entertain the party is simply too much. You will be exhausted, and depending on the theme, you may find yourself repeating things like “Argh matey!!” 100 times during the day. Advice for parents: just don’t put yourself through this.


Age inappropriate games

Make sure that the games and activities that you choose are appropriate for your child. A group of three-year-olds are not going to take kindly to number based games that in their minds will resemble the most complicated sudoku puzzles and vice versa. Advice for parents: make sure your games and activities are fun and will be understood (and entertain) the age group of the children attending the party.


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