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Importance of Technology in Education

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

January 9, 2018

8 Minute read

Digital technology is starting to permeate every facet of our lives; it’s in our homes, we use it for business, and our social lives are predominantly done through technology. As such, it’s important to integrate technology into your child’s education.

School systems are starting to take a more proactive role in noticing the importance of technology in education, and have adjusted curriculums to incorporate more learning. However, it is important to get your children used to technology from a young age, and there are a number of ways you can use technology in the home that will help your child develop their skills early on.

These are just some of the reasons why you should incorporate a healthy amount of technology into your child’s education at home:

Creating Connections

Technology skills are essential for the next generation in order to create connections. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social platforms are the primary way in which millennials and younger communicate with each other. Your child needs to be adept at technology and understand it in order to create connections, friendships, and networks in the modern age.

Getting a World View

Generations now have access to information that wasn’t possible even ten years ago, and the Internet has broken down boundaries and distances between people, countries, and possibilities.

Now more than ever, children need to be raised with a high level of emotional intelligence; technology allows your children to learn about other countries and cultures; it creates connections with people at the other side of the globe and it is an excellent way to bring up a child that is accepting and has an open mind regarding all of our differences.

Teaches Them About Responsible Use

We are all aware of the dangers of technology, from hacking and viruses to more sinister things. You cannot keep your child completely from technology, so it makes sense to start introducing them to responsible use from an early age. Teach them about the importance of privacy, not engaging strangers, how to look out for something out of line, and how to limit their time online.

Preparation For STEM Careers

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers are the fastest growing career industry and chances are that your child will land up in one of these fields. Getting a good grasp on technology is imperative to ensure that your child will have a successful career in their adult life.

By using technology in your child’s education you are ensuring that they have a better chance going forward into the professional lives.

At Miniland, we believe in a holistic education; that is, using traditional and digital learning methods to get the best all-round education for your child. Our educational toys are fun to use and teach social skills, as well as technology and academics. Contact us for more information.

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