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Playing today, for tomorrow

by Miniland / April 22, 2020

Staying Home? Let them Play

We normally live in a very fast-paced world, with overscheduling, ...

by Miniland / March 23, 2020

Kindness Activities: Tips to promote kindness and respect

“Be Kind.” It’s something we hear, maybe not as often as we hope, but ...

by Miniland / March 5, 2020


Many people are often confused about what SEL means. Is it a ...

by Miniland / January 14, 2020

Lesson Plan: Family Diversity Blocks

Our Lesson Plan series continues with this latest Lesson Plan for our ...

by Miniland / December 11, 2019

Emotions Detective: Lesson Plan

This is truly fun and interactive game that I (and my students!) ...

by Miniland / October 30, 2019

Teaching Diversity and Acceptance in the Classroom: Your Students Are a Beautiful Mosaic! Celebrate Them!

by Miniland / September 24, 2019

Build Self-Confidence Through Doll Play: The Benefits of Doll Play in the Classroom


by Miniland / August 21, 2019

3 Toys to Encourage Kids of All Abilities to Play


by Miniland / June 27, 2019

4 Tips to Help Nurture a Preschooler’s Self-Esteem

by Miniland / June 20, 2019

3 Tips to Help Manage a Child’s Emotions


by Katie Nielsen / April 18, 2019

The Importance of Quality Early Childhood Education for Children with Special Needs

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that ...

by Miniland / January 16, 2019

MindFul KIDS: the perfect educational tool for teachers

Ask any psychotherapist, and they’ll tell you: there’s something to ...

by Miniland / January 7, 2019

Technology & School: 4 ways to create cyber safety in the classroom

It doesn’t take an expert to realize that everything has gone digital ...

by Miniland / January 2, 2019

How Dictate & Shape promotes active listening, mental agility and critical thinking

Active listening is important for a multitude of reasons. Viewed as a ...

by Miniland / December 4, 2018

How to work with ADHD/ADD students in a classroom

Here are some specific things classroom teachers can to create a ...

by Miniland / November 20, 2018

Learning Aids & Educational Toys That Bring The NEA 4Cs Into Your 21st Century Classroom

One crucial aspect of this time in a child’s life, especially for ...

by Miniland / November 13, 2018

Why Parent-Teacher Collaborations Are Important For Kids Educational Progress

Parents and teachers each have an important role to play in a child’s ...

by Miniland / November 6, 2018

Special Needs Toys: Miniland Toys With Able Play Certification

If you fall in that last category, then AblePlay toys are what you ...

by Miniland / October 30, 2018

Promoting active listening in the classroom

Skilled active listeners are also more self-reliant and confident, ...

by Miniland / October 23, 2018

3 Toys that encourage cooperative play

However, they’re easily overlooked in the fast-paced school day. ...

by Miniland / October 16, 2018

5 Benefits of the Multilingual Classroom

Letting specialty toymakers, like Miniland, lighten your load can be ...

by Miniland / October 9, 2018

5 ways ABC Monster unlocks cooperative play in your classroom


by Miniland / October 2, 2018

Bring educational technology in your classroom with Play Miniland

As specialty toymakers, we’ve dedicated our lives to helping you ...

by Miniland / September 25, 2018

4 Ways to Promote Mindfulness in Your ECD Classroom

Each of the four cornerstones of mindfulness practice is catered for ...

by Miniland / September 18, 2018

Yoga In Your Classroom: Why Kids Should Do It Too

All it takes is a little discipline, and willingness to commit at ...

by Miniland / September 11, 2018

4 Toys That Promote SEL In Your Classroom

This can be daunting when you’re also powering through the usual ...

by Miniland / September 4, 2018

A Basic Guide To SEL In Your Classroom

This research-based way of teaching social-emotional skills draws on ...

by Miniland / August 28, 2018

Promoting Digital Literacy Through Play Miniland

In this blog, we share how Play Miniland can help you bridge the gap ...

by Miniland / August 21, 2018

4 Ways to combine STEM & the 4Cs in your classroom

Today’s world needs nothing more than mindful, competent, and ...

by Miniland / August 14, 2018

Educational Toys Which Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

Most of our time is now dominated by screens, from smartphones to ...

by Miniland / August 7, 2018

How A Multiplay Experience Grows Multiple Intelligences The 21st C Classroom

Know which 21st century skills are most useful to you

by Miniland / August 2, 2018

How to Choose Your Top 5 Classroom Learning Aids on a Budget

We’ve developed our range of educational toys with the challenges of ...

by Miniland / July 24, 2018

How Educational Toys Help Your Kids Be 21st Century Ready

These concepts are timeless because every generation prepares the ...

by Miniland / July 17, 2018

Helping Children Manage Emotions Through Educational Toys

While a lot of this self-regulatory behavior is linked to the natural ...

by Miniland / July 10, 2018

How Mindfulness Practice (And Other Tricks) Supports Diverse Learning

An ideal classroom is a place where each child has the space to learn ...

by Miniland / July 3, 2018

Thinking for Themselves: How one ECD game develops critical thinking

What we forget is that somewhere along the way there was definitely ...

by Miniland / June 26, 2018

Building Resilience: Teaching Children to Communicate Their Emotional Experience Without Words

Holding a safe space in your classroom for them to learn how to ...

by Miniland / June 19, 2018

How One Toy Can Serve as a Whole Toolkit: A Guide for Passionate Teachers on a Budget

While your curriculum may still demand your focus on delivering ...

by Miniland / June 12, 2018

Classroom Management: How Mindfulness Training Helps Solve One Of Every Teacher's Biggest Challenges

Children are born wanting to learn about the world around them, but ...

by Miniland / June 5, 2018

5 Ways to Build Visuo-Spatial Awareness in Children under 5

Having a highly developed visuo-spatial awareness means you ...

by Miniland / May 29, 2018

Interactive Learning Toys, Holistic Education and Skills Development

Incorporating it into your classroom is therefore an effective way to ...

by Miniland / May 22, 2018

Multiplay in the Classroom (Made Easy)

 Unlocking the benefits of multiplay comes easily when using learning ...

by Miniland / May 15, 2018

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Educational Technology Toys for Your Child

It’s true that integrating technology into a child’s world too early, ...

by Miniland / May 8, 2018

Promoting Progressive Learning Through The Multiplay Experience

As a teacher, it can be tough finding ways to develop these essential ...

by Miniland / May 1, 2018

Developing the 4 Cs Through Play

These four skills — known as the 4 Cs — enable the 21st Century child ...

by Miniland / April 25, 2018

How to Manage a Child in Emotional Distress

There are two parts to dealing with this type of situation ...

by Miniland / April 17, 2018

Mindfulness Begins in the Classroom with Our Educational Toys for Kids

To foster a solid foundation for the future, it’s extremely important ...

by Miniland / April 10, 2018

Different Types of Intelligence, And How They Benefit Children

A child is not a fish (of course!) but this saying underlines a ...

by Miniland / April 3, 2018

How to Benefit from Multiple Intelligence Theory in the Classroom

He identified nine different types of intelligence:

by Miniland / March 27, 2018

How Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory Can Benefit Teachers In Their Daily Lives

According to this theory, we aren’t just visual and auditory ...

by Miniland / March 27, 2018

Mindful KIDS: relaxation and development of intelligences in the classroom

We are immersed in a time in which Instagram has more visits per ...

by Miniland / May 2, 2017

How to Get your Child Ready For School: Academic Expectations and More

It’s never too early to start preparing your child for their first ...

by Miniland / April 13, 2017

Make Learning Fun With These Teaching Techniques

We all here about development and common core standards, sticking to ...

by Miniland / March 30, 2017

Becoming a Better Teacher: 3rd Annual Tomorrow’s Classrooms Today Conference

Many will be there to listen to speakers, take part in the training ...

by Miniland / March 23, 2017

Teaching Ideas for Preschool that your Students will Love

Children have notoriously short attention spans, and they don’t learn ...

by Miniland / March 16, 2017

Teacher and Parent Communication: All You Need to Know

More and more schools are realizing the importance of this ...

by Miniland / March 9, 2017

Resources for Teachers: How to Deal With a ‘Problem Principal’

This could be a difference in opinions, personalities, or simple ...

by Miniland / March 2, 2017

Here are 5 of the best apps to help you bridge the education and technology gap

These days, having technology on your side could score you some major ...

by Miniland / February 28, 2017

Resources for Teachers: Create an Alphabet Book for Your Classroom

It also means that you have to have a whole lot of different ...

by Miniland / February 21, 2017

Creative Teaching Strategies That you Should Keep an Eye On

Creative teaching strategies are imperative to keep things fresh and ...

by Miniland / February 14, 2017

Teaching Resources that Encourage Logic and Problem Solving

Unfortunately, teaching resources and information to get kids to ...

by Miniland / February 7, 2017

Educational toys and emotional intelligence: the challenges in the classroom

As such, the more emotionally intelligent an individual is, the more ...

by Miniland / January 31, 2017

Learning Resources: Exploring Creativity in the Classroom

One of the biggest concerns that many modern-day teachers face is the ...

by Miniland / January 24, 2017

Teaching Resources to Nurture the Little Scientist

As a teacher you have the ability to inspire, motivate, and mentor ...

by Miniland / January 12, 2017

Exploring Emotional Intelligence Through Educational Toys

Goleman says that emotional intelligence, "is the capacity for ...

by Miniland / January 5, 2017

Educational Toys That Encourage Emotional Intelligence

Most of our time is now dominated by screens, from smartphones to ...

by Miniland / January 3, 2017

Keep Your Kids Active With These Educational Games for Preschoolers

From television and smartphones to Ipads and moving billboards – it ...

by Miniland / December 22, 2016

Education and Technology: The Latest Apps and Digital Resources for Teachers to Use in the Classroom

Education has changed, and it will continue to evolve rapidly over ...

by Miniland / December 15, 2016

Resources for Teachers to Get the Most Out of Classroom Toys

However, while it’s great to have some high-quality toys and games ...

by Miniland / December 8, 2016

Miniland Educational School: Promoting Learning Through Fun

There are two main sets of people that have the biggest influence on ...

by Miniland / December 6, 2016

Educational Toys That Every Teacher Should Have in the Classroom

 In fact, teachers now have so much variety when it comes to toys for ...

by Miniland / November 29, 2016

The Unusual Qualities of a Good Teacher

We all know the essential qualities of a teacher that one should ...

by Miniland / November 22, 2016

The Importance of Teacher and Parent Communication

In this day and age of rapidly evolving technology, we find ourselves ...

by Miniland / November 11, 2016

Classroom Management Techniques to Get the Best Out of Your Kids

You see them learn new things and make friends, and hear their ...

by Miniland / October 11, 2016

Specialty Toys to Get you Geared-up for Back to School

Miniland Educational offers specialty toys that are made of the ...

by Miniland / October 11, 2016

Miniland Educational’s Super Blocks’ Track Set 2 receives Dr. Toy’s 2014 Best Picks Award

This award prizes toys that offer high playability, educational value ...

by Miniland / October 11, 2016

Miniland Educational receives award at Independent Toy Awards

The sequencing and sorting game Activity Buttons wins the bronze ...

by Miniland / October 11, 2016

Magnetic Boards game - Environment and recycling running for Astra Best Toys for Kids awards

This board game shows the best way to perform daily recycling tasks. ...

by Miniland / October 11, 2016

Emotiblocks, winner of 4 international awards!


by Miniland / October 11, 2016

Educational toys and teaching materials for the New School Year

To help you with your selection of educational toys and teaching ...

by Miniland / October 11, 2016

ASTRA: Miniland Educational displayed new toys and top-sellers for the Toy Store owners

The store owners were interested in our newest toys including: