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How A Multiplay Experience Grows Multiple Intelligences The 21st C Classroom

Miniland Educational: Playing today, for tomorrow

By Miniland

August 7, 2018

8 Minute read

A part of your responsibility as a teacher is to deliver a curriculum that grows the essential skills your children need to be 21st century ready. Combined with the latest insights in educational theory, such as Howard Gardner’s theory on Multiple Intelligences, we share how you can use educational toys in your classroom to make this vital task effortless and fun.

Know which 21st century skills are most useful to you

Children these days are growing into a future we can’t predict, and training for jobs that haven’t yet been invented. That’s why developing a core set of universal skills is important. These include things like problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication (the 4Cs). At Miniland, we’ve drawn on years of experience to offer you a catalog of educational toys you could use to develop the skills most needed in your particular context. Our Follow the Big Foot, for instance, is a great way to inspire children to collaborate with each other, while growing their creativity and imagination.  


Understand the link between 21st C skills and multiple intelligences

At Miniland, we’re devoted to creating multipurpose educational toys and learning aids that support each child to learn new things in the ways best for them. Drawing from Gardner’s theory on multiple intelligences, we’ve developed a range of toys that inspire essential skills development in children, no matter what their particular strength. Some, like BBQ Emotions! grow emotional intelligence, while others, like Mindful Kids, focus on kinesthetic intelligence. The best thing is that it’s skills development that feels like playtime, every time!

Make use of educational toys

Learning aids can help take the load off. 21st century skills development and catering to multiple intelligences may seem a little far removed from the day-to-day grind of teaching subjects. Luckily, relying on specialty toys designed specifically for those purposes can assure you’re addressing all those aspects, even if you feel profoundly unprepared for the challenge. Our catalog shares what you have at your fingertips: take a look and rest assured that no matter your level of experience, we’ve got you covered.


Inspire Multiplay experiences in your classroom

Multiplay is all about community. Through multiplay activities, you’ll not only be able to deliver cross-curricular content, but you’ll also be developing and catering to a wide variety of skills and ages in your classroom. Read more on the benefits of the Multiplay experience here.

Develop multiple literacies

Technology is everywhere. Children are now expected to have high levels of digital literacy from a young age — a deep familiarity with an integration between the real and digital realms will be required in order for them to take their positions as adults in the societies of the future. Playminiland is Miniland’s gift to you. With it, you can effortlessly tie every real-world activity that each of our toys provide, to a pool of compatible digital games and resources.  

To learn more about Multiple Intelligences and the Multiplay experience, read our latest Multiplay News