Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2023? Neither can we!

The start of a new year brings about many emotions: nostalgia, excitement, anxiety, and above all: determination.

How many New Year’s Resolutions have you heard about so far? Most adults resolve to eat better, exercise more, save more money, take more trips, etc.

Adults don’t have to be the only ones with resolutions for the year. What if you implemented some New Year’s Resolutions into the classroom?

Finding realistic, achievable goals for your students is as easy as 1,2,3 and A,B,C.

2023 Classroom Goals:

  1. Getting comfortable with expressing emotions
  2. Strengthening fine motor skills
  3. Having clearer handwriting
  4. Learning your numbers

Setting achievable goals that your students will meet not only increases their academic abilities but also their self-confidence, as they make it to the finish line. Miniland can help you get them there through the magic of PLAY.

1.Getting comfortable expressing emotions: Learning to name and identify an emotion a young child, or their fellow student, is feeling is monumental. Not only will it help them understand why they’re feeling the way they are, and growing in your validation of those feelings, but it also helps them start a crucial foundation for their later years. Most adults that weren’t fortunate enough to have a social emotional learning curriculum can find it hard to express themselves or understand their feelings. If only every person could start in pre-school! That’s where you come in. Have toys on hand that can help them figure this out and help them identify emotions in various situations. Toys and games like our Emotiblocks and our Emotions Detective can make it easier for young children to make those connections. The more they learn and practice, the better they’ll be as they continue to grow and navigate each stage of their lives.

2. Strengthening Fine Motor Skills: Children ages 0-6 are constantly being challenged by their aptitude or lack of fine motor skills. Whether it’s picking up a toy they’ve dropped or learning to tie their shoes, the ability to control their fingers and hands as they attempt tasks is something that needs continued practice and reinforcement. We love how our translucent accessories like Translucent Tweezers and Translucent Stacking Pyramids encourage children to grasp, hold, move and create. Using our corresponding Light Pads can make it even more engaging and exciting using these accessories! For younger children, throwing, rolling and grasping our Sensory Balls is another wonderful way to strengthen those fine motor skills and build that foundation of cause and effect.

3. Practicing our Writing: Learning to master reading and writing is obviously a fundamental part of early education. It can be an exciting but very challenging time for young children as they learn to figure out what each letter means, what it looks like and how they can write it out themselves. Our Pre-Writing Basic Patterns Stencils help children learn about essential writing elements using easy tracing templates. Reinforcing the Alphabet can be super fun and exciting with our ABC Monster Game, as children figure out how to spell words and “feed” the “Monster.”

4. Learning your Numbers: Learning to count and figuring out simple math is a huge milestone for children at this age. Finding the right ways to introduce these concepts can make all the difference for children as they navigate math into their later education. We love how our Eco Math Connectable Bears offer a sweet and friendly introduction to counting. Using our light pads, children can also practice their numbers and math skills with our classic Translucent Math Turtles. If you have children that art especially partial to music and art, another great Translucent kit, Musical Counters, can be another way to peak interest and engagement in a young child as they learn their numbers.

With the right tools and a positive attitude, your students can achieve any goal they wish for 2023.  Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!