ASTRA is the show where the Specialty Toy stores come to check out and purchase the latest toys for their shops. Miniland Educational displayed our new toys as well as our top-sellers for the Toy Store owners to check out. Look for our newest educational toys in your neighborhood toy and educational store.

The store owners were interested in our newest toys including:



Activity ABC 123                    31866_1.jpg

There’s so much children can do with the Activity ABC 123 set from Miniland Educational. The upper case plastic letters and numerals come with lacing cords and a set of activity cards.

Children can practice correct writing skills by tracing the shape or following the arrow on the shape with their fingers to learn to write in the correct direction.  They can also use the shapes as templates for coloring. Kids also enjoy threading the brightly colored lacing cord through the holes in each letter.

This fun set helps children develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills, as they’re practicing color and letter recognition.

The activity cards feature the letter or numeral, a corresponding object, and a description in 5 languages. Number cards show the number written two ways. Includes 27 letters, 10 numbers, 20 activity cards, and 10 lacing cords. Parents and teachers will recognize the educational value of these toys — children just have fun.



Mecaniko Activity

Children can use the simple components in Miniland’s Mecaniko Activity set to assemble all sorts of vehicles and objects. It’s easy to follow the illustrated diagrams to create a bulldozer, a helicopter, and other vehicles.

When kids are done playing with their vehicles, they can take them apart and build something else.

This set is super fun for any child who likes to build things.

The durable plastic set includes a wrench, pulleys, nuts, bolts, girders, and wheels – 74 pieces in all. Kids will find plenty of suggested projects on the 6 colorful worksheets included with the set.


Activity Nuts & Bolts

Toddlers and preschoolers enjoy playing with the Activity Nuts and Bolts set from Miniland Educational. This sorting game promotes the development of eye-hand coordination and encourages color and shape recognition.

The large plastic nuts and bolts come in 3 basic shapes: circle, square and triangle. The pieces screw together, but only when the child matches pieces that have the same shape.

Children can match the shapes to the colorful illustrations on the plastic activity cards. As they play, they’re learning to classify objects, an important pre-math skill.

The set includes 24 nuts and bolts and 6 illustrated, wipe-clean plastic worksheets. The activity cards measure 8-1/4” x 5-7/8”.
mobil math.jpg

Mobil Math

With Mobil Math, children will develop an understanding of important pre-math concepts and have fun while doing it.

Mobil Math comes with 11 activity cards and 12 soft and flexible plastic vehicles.

The suggested activities cover different concepts such as shape, number and color recognition and even basic map reading. Each card contains two starting points and two levels of difficulty.

While playing with Mobil Math, children will be developing fine motor skills, too.  Parents and teachers will recognize the value of Mobil Math as a teaching tool that helps kids develop mathematical thinking skills.