For the 3rd year running, the Tomorrow’s Classrooms Today Conference (TCTC) is taking place in May. Teachers, professors, parents and other experts from the education and technology industry will be in attendance.

Many will be there to listen to speakers, take part in the training sessions, and everyone is there to network with other experts in the industr

Here is what the TCTC17 is all about, and how it can benefit you as a teacher:


The main aim of the TCTC is to bring professionals from all sectors of the education industry together. They encourage collaboration and creation of ideas and input about how classrooms today can be improved. They look to technology for a solution to today’s classroom shortcomings and how we can improve them to keep pace with this digital world.


Today’s Classrooms

At TCTC, they believe that classrooms today are falling behind the pace that is needed to keep up with technological advancements. While many schools have access to tablets and other new learning apparatus – this is mainly the very wealthy schools, and schools in a normal earning bracket are falling behind.

Not only are schools struggling to keep up with new technology, they are also struggling with new ideas and innovative ways to change classrooms and learning techniques.

Tomorrow’s Classrooms

The TCTC17 is pushing for schools to embrace new technology that is available for the education sector. This is what they have to say on the matter:

“Today’s classrooms should look and feel different. They should have more flexible spaces where students can engage in collaboration with peers, and they should be curating content more than they are consuming it.

Besides classrooms and learning, Tomorrow’s Classrooms Today is about a mindset and framework of understanding, and we need to make sure that we are not just talking about it on Twitter or Facebook, but we actually need to be doing something about it.”

They are looking towards a more innovative and open future for classrooms, and speakers at the event will help you understand what you can do to transform your space.

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A message for change

The conference is a platform to encourage the education sector to embrace and integrate new teaching techniques and technologies that will improve the way that students learn.

At Miniland, we are proud to promote new educational technology and agree with the TCTC that the education sector needs to embrace new teaching techniques in order to keep up with technology today. Our Miniland school range incorporates the tried-and-true ways of teaching with innovative new techniques – have a look at our products and see for yourself.