Our perception of the world begins with how we perceive ourselves on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Therefore, our interactions with people — and responses to life in general — are directly related to the self-awareness we developed as children.

To foster a solid foundation for the future, it’s extremely important that your little one develops mindfulness from an early age.

What is mindfulness? We at Mindful KIDS define it as focusing on the moment, while calmly recognizing and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations. We achieve this through educational toys for kids centered around communal and interactive gameplay experiences. With these, Mindful KIDS provides valuable resources to enhance the crucial skills required of children in the 21st century.

Our exciting Multiplay Experience breaks down the skill-set as follows: Emotional Intelligence, Body & Move Intelligence, and Speak & Write Intelligence. We’ve incorporated the latest in mindfulness trends to create an engaging game that fosters relaxation, attention, and self-awareness. These three factors play a vital role in developing and reinforcing a child’s cognitive ability and peace of mind.

Let’s unpack this a little further, and discover just how the Mindful KIDS Multiplay Experience achieves the above.

We’ve created 36 activities for children to enjoy under the guidance of their teacher. Spin the top to begin a game related to one of the four Mindful KIDS principles — Yoga, muscle relaxation, meditation, and conscious breathing. Each game is further brought to life by enriching ambient music and soothing melodies.

Yoga Dynamic

By embodying Yoga through nature and animals, Mindful KIDS strengthens equilibrium and concentration of the mind through such famous positions as The Tree, The Lotus, The Flamingo, and many more.

Muscle Relaxation Dynamic

Tight muscles hinder relaxation, and naturally, a child who is sleep deprived will struggle to learn adequately during the day. Luckily, our Muscle Relaxation program and its fun stretching exercises have your child covered!


mindsful kids

Meditation Dynamic

Harmony is achieved when both body and mind are aligned. Mindful KIDS shifts your child’s physical and mental condition into a relaxed state through naps that clear the mind and mantras that focus on the moment.

Conscious Breathing

Deep, slow, and conscious breathing galvanizes our natural relaxation process and reduces anxiety significantly. Mindful KIDS distils these breathing techniques into easy-to-understand activities that promote peace of mind and well-being.


Mindful KIDS: The Perfect Tool for Developing Your Child’s Multiple Intelligences

Helping your child develop their self-esteem, mental, and physical health at a young age charts the course for a bright future. When you view yourself in a positive light and possess the mindfulness tools to navigate the world towards your ambitions, anything is possible!

For children 2–7 years old, Mindful KIDS nurtures your little one’s multiple intelligences by improving concentration, listening, self-awareness, patience, and emotional quotient. As a bonus incentive, we’ve included an application that teaches your child digital literacy. Because technology is being integrated into the classroom and home at a rapid rate, this vital skill is crucial for your child’s development.

For more information on why Mindful KIDS is the ideal tool to develop your child’s multiple intelligences, click here.