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The sequencing and sorting game Activity Buttons wins the bronze medal at this prestigious Awards in UK.

The Spanish educational toy brand, Miniland Educational, won an award at the “Independent Toy Awards”, which is one of the most prestigious prizes whereby UK retailers have decided which the best toys are for parents to buy their kids this Christmas.

Toy Shop UK has awarded this prize to Miniland Educational Activity Buttons, a comprehensive sequencing and sorting game with a high educational value, great playability and fun play. This game is also inclusive for blind or visually impaired children.

The game

This stringing game is made up of big buttons in bright colours with 1 to 5 holes. With these buttons, colour laces and the worksheets provided in the set, this game is ideal for sequencing and sorting, as well as developing children’s motor skills.

Miniland Educational receives award at Independent Toy Awards

A commitment to accessibility to educational games

Miniland Educational Activity Buttons was particularly taken into consideration because it is a game adapted to the special needs of blind and visually impaired children. Each button has a number in relief and its equivalent Braille symbol, which allows for these children to play and learn how to sort and make sequences.

The Activity Buttons set includes 40 buttons in bright colours, 5 laces of 1m long and 12 activity worksheets with suggestions for sorting and sequencing activities.