Miniland Educational’s building blocks toy – Super Blocks’ Track Set 2 – has received the prestigious Dr. Toy Award 2014 Best Picks.

This award prizes toys that offer high playability, educational value and support family play after school and while on vacation.

Super Blocks’ Track Set 2 is a construction toy with large, sturdy and durable pieces that are complemented with model figures to create fun characters, cars and race tracks with decorative elements…  with these, boys and girls ages 18 months to 5 years old can build and create different themed sets to play with the characters encouraging imaginative and pretend play.

Dr. Toys Best Picks

Miniland Educational is a leading specialty toy manufacturer from Spain that specializes in the development of recreational and fun toys with educational, child formation and development values.  Miniland Educational’s specialized toys have achieved a high degree of acceptance in schools and day cares.  In reality, these toys are also being present amongst those families which place a high degree of importance on the need to have an educational toy at home as well as at school.
Dr. Toy Awards

Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (also known as Dr. Toy) created the Dr. Toy Awards for best toys for kids as a service for consumers who value safety, and adaptness to each stage of child development, educational values, etc. when it comes time to purchase toys.  In this way, Dr. Toy helps families identify which toys are the most appropriate for the child’s development and skills through play.

Those toys prized with a Dr. Toy award have been hand-picked amongst hundreds of toys around the world, and meet the criteria developed by Dr. Stevanne Auerbach and her team throughout the years.

The most important elements considered by Dr. Toy when it comes down to selecting the best toys include: safety, appropriate for age and gender, design, durability, play value, ethnic and cultural diversity, adaptation of product to home and school, learning skills, creativity, community awareness, price and of course, FUN!