In today’s technology-fuelled, mobile-dependent and internet-crazed world, keeping up with the digital trends in classrooms is not just essential to offer your students the best education, but also to prepare them for their lives further down the line.

Education has changed, and it will continue to evolve rapidly over the coming years Education and technology are now intricately linked, and this has changed the traditional role of classrooms and teachers into something more modern. .

Teachers are no longer always at the front of the classroom dictating notes to a keenly concentrating audience. In fact, students are now more interactive and are required to do more group work than before.

While there are some disadvantages to our children getting exposed to technology at a young age, there are undoubtedly tons of benefits to correctly using technology in the classroom, which have been outlined here by

Most schools have recognized the benefits and necessity of technology in the classroom, and most now have Ipads available for students, even the youngest age groups.

As a teacher, it is your responsibility to find the right balance between traditional education and technology. These are our favorite apps and digital trends for you to use in your classroom right now:


Games are a great way to make learning fun, and this is particularly true for younger children. The thing is that not everyone has the time or skills to create fun and inventive games every day, and that’s where Kahoot comes in. Teachers simply have to enter questions, answers and quizzes into the app and it will then generate a new and exciting game for it.

Students can then use Ipads/smartphones with the app to act as a noisy buzzer and join in on the game. When it comes to education and technology in the classroom, Kahoot is one of the best to invest in.


Parents are always interested to see what their kids get up to at school, and this is especially prominent when they have little ones in their first few grades. Seesaw allows children and teachers to upload children’s best work, which at a young age could simply consist of favorite drawings or paintings.

It allows parents to monitor their child’s progress, look at their artwork and also offers you a tool to showcase where their child is excelling or not doing so well when it comes to parent-teacher meetings. It’s a great app that combines education and technology and will help with parent-teacher communication.

Teach Learn Lead

This app isn’t necessarily to use in your classroom, or for your students but it will undoubtedly go a long way in helping with their education. Teach Learn Lead is a social media site that connects teachers from all over the country.

teach learn lead.jpg

Teachers can share lesson plans, classroom management tools, tips, advice, and resources that will go a long way in helping students get the best possible education. It allows you to become a more experienced, knowledgeable teacher, and your techniques in the classroom will never get boring with so many different teachers on hand.

Play Miniland

The best approach to have to education and technology in your classroom is to integrate both of them to create an all-round teaching experience. Play Miniland “is a new model of learning that promotes a combined approach to real and digital play.” It incorporates real toys and games with digital trends, technology, and worksheets.

This new way of approaching education and technology allows students to learn through a balanced combination of real-time play and digital technologies that are not just educational but also fun and entertaining for them.

At Miniland we strive to provide advice, tips, tricks, and resources for teachers that will assist them in making their classrooms the perfect environment for children to learn. We provide educational toys like Play Miniland for young children that will provide hours of fun while promoting essential skills and learning.