Miniland Educational offers a wide variety of educational toys, which are very useful to both parents and teachers – especially at this time of year.

To help you with your selection of educational toys and teaching materials that would be best suited to the needs of each stage of child development, we have a few suggestions.

It’s just a sample of what we can offer, but can provide guidance to both parents and educators. Check out our website to review our full-line of products.

Here are some suggestions from Miniland Educational for the School Year.

Early childhood




Dragy Abroches

Moogy Fastening Toy


Maxichain – Interlocking Pieces 

For Educational toys (Birth to 3 years), Miniland Educational features specific designs appropriate to each stage of baby’s development. They are easy to handle and use for this age.

Starting with the smallest, Giantte is a giant 3′ stack of 10-high progressively sized cups, which kids will love to use for sorting and stacking vertically.  It also has perforated shapes to place at the top and can be used as beach sand game.

Moogy Fastening Toy is a great colorful friend to play with and hug. This toy also allows the child to learn to manipulate zippers, buttons, buckles and laces, so they can learn to dress themselves.

Maxichain-Interlocking Pieces is a great activity with brightly colored large textured beads that pop together.  They are recommended for children aged 2-5 years, to develop manual dexterity and learn how to assemble.


Outdoor Activities

and baby setand baby set


Playing outside, either in the school yard, in the field, in the park or on the beach is very beneficial for children.  They can have fun while learning to exercise and socialize.

Miniland Educational offers buckets, shovels, rakes, sieves, trowels, and sand sets made of strong and sturdy plastic.



Colección Minimobil

Minimobil Collection Vehicles

VolqueteMinimobil Dump Truck Transporter Dumpy

Transporter Dumpy

Miniland Educational offers a wide variety of vehicles of different sizes specially designed for each stage of child development from small vehicles for small hands to larger, even ride-on trucks for 3 year olds.

The nine-piece Minimobil 3 ¾” vehicles incorporates all kinds of vehicles (including a boat, too).  These vehicles are made of strong plastic with very safe secure wheels and heavy-duty axles.

The collection MInimobil Dumpy includes 7” dump truck, excavator, and recycling truck which are very stable and easy to handle.

Minimobil Traffic Mat is a street circuit ideal for playing with Minimobil vehicle series. It simulates the environment of a city or town familiar to children. The mat is a good educational tool to support road safety education.

Among the giant vehicles, we highlight Super Dump Truck, a great vehicle (17 3/4” long) with cab and tipping body and Super Tractor with Trailer, a great vehicle (32 5/8”  long), with a wheelbarrow, and functional front shovel arm.

The dolls and accessories are an important educational resource that helps children understand the concepts of family, population groups, the basic rules of respect and coexistence, as well as respect for diversity of race and gender.

Additionally, the accessories support manipulative skills in helping children to learn about different closures. The accessories for the dolls have a lot of details and are made with exceptional quality.

Fruit & Vegetable

Surtido de frutas

Fruit Assortment

Surtido de hortalizas

Vegetable Assortment

They are faithful reproductions of a variety of food products. These products are durable, made of plastic, and look surprisingly close to the real food.

The assortments of fruits and vegetables and nuts are available in baskets, jars with handles or reusable plastic boxes that facilitate storage and transport.


Animal figures

Animales de granja

Farm animals

Animales de la selva

Jungle Animals

Animales marinosMarine animals

They are faithful reproductions of a variety of animal species.  Each animal includes a small booklet outlining the characteristics of each animal. Stimulate the development of role play, encouraging interest and learning about the animal world, their habits, habitats, characteristics, etc.

We suggest, for the school year, assortments of Forest Animals, Farm Animals, Marine Animals, Insects and Dinosaurs.

Construction Activities

Buni Super - Juego de construcción para los más pequeñosBuni Super – Juego de construcción para los más pequeños

Buni Super

Blocks Súper - Juego de construccionesBlocks Súper

Miniland Educational has a variety of construction sets made of plastic, which are very suitable from 18 months to 9 years old. They are helpful for the acquisition of spatial concepts (left-right, up-down, and in-out), the concept of orientation, proportions, and logical reasoning. They also spark the imagination and creativity with an eclectic mix of playful and educational.

Buni and Buni Super are building games especially designed for younger children with ease of assembly, rounded parts and flexibility.

Blocks Super are construction sets of large strong plastic pieces, supplemented with wheels to construct vehicles and heads with hair and bodies for creating characters.

Manipulative Games

Plantillas para cosido

Sewing Templates

Botones para ensartar

Lacing Buttons

Juego de Tornillos y Tuercas

Nuts and Bolts Activity

These activities allow the child to use assembling, stringing, threading, and sewing to promote the development of fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and basic distinction of shapes and colors. They also help to lay the foundations of attention and concentration, literacy, understanding and reasoning.

Peg Activities

Maletín Pegs 15 mm.

Pegs 15 mm.

Placa transparente pegs

Transparent pegboard

With the peg activity setschildren can reproduce the scenes from the model patterns or create images of their own on the transparent boardsThere are several peg sets with different sizes pegs dependent upon the age of the children.


Puzzle Hábitos de higiene

Puzzles –  Hygiene Habits

Puzzle Animales en Extinción

Puzzles –  Endangered Species

Puzzle animalitos y números

Maxi Puzzle animals and numbers

Miniland puzzles are perfectly adapted to the age and development of children in terms of the number of pieces and subject matter. These plastic puzzles excel in strength and durability to most other puzzles and will last a long time.  The individual puzzle pieces and trays (where applicable) are washable too. We feel that the most appropriate beginning School Year puzzles for children 3 – 6 years old, would be A Baby’s Day with 6 puzzles (6 pieces) in 6 trays,  and Hygiene Habits, consisting of 4 (8 pieces) in 4 trays.

The Maxi Puzzle Baby Animals and Numbers is a giant (40 piece) floor puzzle in which animals become real acrobats who are teaching the children to count.

The Endangered Species puzzles are a collection of 3 progressive puzzles with different number of pieces in each, in order to increase the difficulty and motivate the skill and attention.

Coins and Bills


Activity Dollar & Portfolio with bank notes & coins

Reproductions of coins and bills are actual size and excellent quality. Both dollar bills and coins are made entirely of plastic – washable and durable. Moreover, the Activity Dollar Set is composed of various activities and an assortment of bills and plastic coins.  It is great for developing mathematical skills, language development and socialization.


Beginner Language Activities

Vocales de plástico

Plastic Vowels

Pair game - Juego de emparejamientos

Pair game

Visual Displays - Calendario

Visual Displays – Calendar


Miniland Educational Language activities  prepare children to play and learn the letters, to form the first words, drawing them, painting them, and stitching them together.

Sewing and trace letters activities introduce children to get to know their letters; form their first words, relate to stories… and all this while playing. You can start by sewing or tracing letters, and then go to more complex activities.

The upper and lower case alphabet is a box filled with 168 puzzle pieces of plastic, which allow for one side working in capitals and on the other, in lower case, joining letters. It is very helpful in learning to read and write, and the recognition of letters for the future formation of words.

The assortment of magnetic upper or lower case letters made of brightly colored plastic are fully assorted vowels and consonants. They are well suited to make games with words. They are specially designed for use on whiteboards and metal surfaces, such as those offered by Miniland Educational.

Moreover, Pair Early Learning game is a matching game that helps exercise memory as well as the acquisition of vocabulary and knowledge in a fun way.  The plastic caps are specially designed to properly perform the pinching action.

Visual Display is a visual resource with enormous potential for the illustrative representation of events, situations, calendars … through visual panels that will create a focal point, whether in the classroom or at home. Panels consist of plastic cards with information which, in turn, are inserted into frames. The brackets fit into or onto frames which can be screwed or velcro’d to the wall.


Math Games

Abaco formas y colores

Abacus with 100 disks

Reloj con fichas de actividades

Clock with activity cards

Conexión 84 prismas

Connecting 84 prisms


The mathematic starter kits are used to support children’s first mathematical experiences.

They are widely used in schools to supplement the knowledge of numbers and their spelling, basic operations, currency, geometry, fractions and equivalency relationships.  They are an excellent resource to supplement learning at home too.

Thus, from the simplest to the most complex, Miniland math materials are offer plastic numbers, magnetic numbers, sets, materials for sorting, tools to calculate, learn the hours, and geometry materials.  These materials include the classification trays with 5 compartments for sorting, the abacus with 10 shapes and 24 activities, geoboards with activities and Polyhedra.


The Kamishibai collection of stories foster a love of reading.

Kamishibai, which means Japanese Paper Theater, help to increase both attraction to and concentration on stories. The colorful representations of stories encourage future readers. It has wide range of languages and titles.

Ultimately Miniland Educational toys have a high added value due to the teaching aspects that allow them to adapt to each child’s stage of development and the high quality of the materials used.

The ongoing professional educational advice and constant subjection to demanding testing ensures that our educational toys meet the needs of parents, educators, schools, daycare centers and special education centers.


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