Things have certainly changed since we were young, and classrooms are no longer restricted to the few cheap and cheerful toys that were used a decade or two ago.

 In fact, teachers now have so much variety when it comes to toys for the classroom that it can sometimes be hard to choose the best educational toys.

So what toys, games and other items should you have in the classroom to ensure that your students are getting a well-rounded education that doesn’t just center around books and learning? What could you use to allow your students to learn about other aspects of life from a young age that will help them be better prepared for what lies ahead of them?

These are the educational toys, games and other essential items that we recommend every teacher stocks their classroom with to get the best learning experience for their young students:

Educational toys for young scientists

Young children in particular are always intrigued by the world around them, and every teacher has had to deal with the incessant “why” that comes after almost everything. That’s why it’s important to have educational toys in the classrooms that will help budding scientists learn more about what surrounds them. Introducing young children (3 – 6) to a microscope is an excellent idea and a microscope is the perfect addition to any classroom.

Educational toys for technology preparation

As much as many of us wish to keep young children away from technology and encourage them to play outside – the fact of the matter is that in this digital day and age – they will fall behind if they don’t get a grip on technology from an early age.

Ipads are the best ideas for classrooms, as they are easy to navigate and come with a whole host of educational games that will keep students busy and get them learning the essential skills of navigating technology while also having fun. Some of the best Ipad games for classrooms include Brainzy, Math Ninja, Stack the Country and a whole host of other games that you can check out here.

Educational toys for using money

We all know that money pretty much rules the world, and while it is not the be all and end all to life – it is pretty essential that children get to grips with it as soon as possible. Not only does this help with everyday functions – like helping mum pay for stuff at the store etc – it is also an excellent way to get a hold on improving their maths.

Having a toy cash register in the classroom that kids can use is an excellent idea, an even better thought is to use the cash register as part of a “shop” set up once a week, where children can ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ things and learn how to go through the processes that they’re going to encounter in real life.

Educational toys for nature lovers

It’s important that we keep our children connected to nature in this day and age where their lives are dominated by technology. First prize would be having lessons outside, but we know this isn’t always possible. So toys that help kids learn and experience nature are a great way to get their outdoors fix.

Books and boardgames about insects, plants and animals are great – interactive games and card games like BrainBox Nature are wonderful too. Kids will also truly appreciate something like a worm farm, ant farm or small vegetable garden that allows them to get a more hands-on experience.

Cards, games and educational toys for every occasion

While it can be great to get theme specific toys, often it pays off to have some high quality educational toys that can be used at any time of day in the classroom. Educational toys that teach children while they have fun playing with them are absolutely essential to avoid boredom and to get kids learning in an effective and enjoyable way.

These sets from Miniland teach kids about maths, language and tons of other essential subjects that they will need going forward into higher grades.

At Miniland we are experts at providing high quality, affordable school toys that every teacher should have in their classroom. Have a look at our incredible product range and our Miniland Educational resources for teachers for advice, tips and tricks to make your classroom the best place for your students to learn.

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