We live in a digital age, and this means that children are exposed to some sort of technology at almost every stage of their day.

From television and smartphones to Ipads and moving billboards – it can be almost impossible to disengage and disconnect from the technology that seems to be around every corne

As teachers, it is important to realize the benefit of getting your students away from their screens. Educational games for preschoolers that encourage them to get outside or engage in physical activity are essential to ensure that kids are getting much needed digital disconnection time.

What are the benefits for active children?

There are many documented benefits that occur in active children:

  • Physical: Increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain and increased levels of endorphins resulting in a reduction of stress and an improvement of mood. Kids that are active are generally healthier and less likely to fall ill.
  • Mental: Exercise and activity doesn’t just help children’s bodies but also their minds. Increased oxygen flow and endorphins make concentrating easier and kids who exercise more have been proven to produce better standards of school work.

These are our favorite educational games for keeping preschoolers active:

Getting in touch with nature

It’s always a great idea to get your class moving around and out of their chairs, and there is nothing better than a trip outside to get some fresh air.


Educational games for preschoolers that encourage them to connect with nature are essential in helping to develop a respect for the natural world, and you will find that most kids simply love being outside.

At Miniland we have a range of educational games for preschoolers that love nature. Our Bug Study kit allows children to collect bugs and look at them through a magnifying glass, without hurting the bugs or the children. This kind of toy encourages kids to learn about nature, while enjoying the experience at the same time.

Another great idea is to have an ant farm in the classroom much like this one from Uncle Milton.

These farms teach kids about the intricacies of an ant colony and we guarantee that they will learn a healthy respect for these hard working little creatures.

Sports and games

Sports are an integral part of most childhoods, even if the child isn’t particularly athletic. Sports teach children about working in teams, how to follow rules, the importance of keeping fit while having a whole lot of fun at the same time.


There are also tons of educational games for preschoolers that encourage physical activities; here are some examples of great educational games for preschoolers that will keep them active, even when the weather is bad.

At Miniland, we have a whole range of outdoor products that will make a great addition to any classroom. Our sports games, in particular, are great for keeping your students active and have the added benefits of teaching them to work in a team, as well as improving their hand-eye coordination.

Skipping ropes, badminton sets, throwing rings, and bowling sets are just some of the educational games for preschoolers that will keep them healthy and active.

Being a great teacher is often about innovation, and you need to have a keen mind to come up with ways to keep your students entertained and educated. Now more than ever you need to know how to help children break away from the constant technological exposure they experience every day.

Our range of preschool toys are of the highest quality and are great at keeping kids entertained and educated. Have a look at more of our products here.


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