Miniland Educational’s Magnetic Boards game – Environment and recycling is running for Astra Best Toys for Kids awards, in which Astra retailers nationwide choose 21 specialty toys in 13 categories as the year’s top pics.

This board game shows the best way to perform daily recycling tasks. This game supports language activities: providing ideas about examining various opportunities to recycle and saving the environment. The game provides 4 illustrated scenes which show a series of incorrect or wrong facts; once identified they can be corrected by placing the magnetic cards into the correct positions.

Magnetic Boards game – Environment and recycling

Magnetic Boards includes 4 scenes and 24 magnetic cards. The teaching guide is included to show how to get the most educational value from this game aged 3 to 7 years

This game makes recycling – FUN! – from separating glass, paper, etc. as well as how they make new products. It’s an introduction into saving the environment.