At Miniland we believe that playtime is a fundamental building block in every childhood and that learning through fun is essential to ensure a well-rounded education.

There are two main sets of people that have the biggest influence on the development of young children – parents and teachers.

Both of these influential presences are extremely important in ensuring that children get the best environment in which to grow and develop through their early school years. This is why our Miniland Educational toys are not the only aspect that we concentrate on; we also provide advice, tips, tricks and materials for both parents and teachers to use with their young children.

Our international brand strives to create educational toys that are not just of the highest qualities, but that also contribute to enriching each child’s learning environment to make it the best that it possibly can be.

Here is how we plan to help out teachers and young students:


After parents, the next most influential person on a young child’s development is undoubtedly their teacher. This is a person that they look to for advice, and teachers are often role models to the little ones in their classrooms.


At Miniland Educational we know that teachers aren’t superhumans (even though they seem like it a lot of the time), that’s why we have created resources that help teachers manage their classroom with advice about activities to stimulate their students’ minds, how to keep the classroom under control, and what toys are essential to get the very best out of their children.

We have created and produced educational games that are age-appropriate and perfect for the classroom environment that can be used by more than one child at a time, are hard to break or lose, and most importantly – toys that are fun as well as educational.

Miniland educational toys for young learners

We know that it is necessary to have different kinds of toys in the classroom that help prepare children for the next stages in their education through fun and exciting ways. That’s why we have created a range of toys that cater for the different skill sets children will need going forward.

miniland educational toys.jpg

Miniland educational toys cater for young scientists and nature lovers, teach children about money, and promote learning maths, languages, and tons of other subjects through play.

Our educational games and toys are created to the ESAR standards. That is:

  • Exercise play: Games and toys that increase and hone motor skills and sensory play. Games that encourage students to use their hands, feet or motor skills to interact and complete the game.
  • Symbolic play: Educational games and toys that encourage the use of the imagination. Things such as role playing, imitation and stage games.
  • Assembly: These are the games which encourage children to create and build. Construction games, building blocks, design and assembly.
  • Rules: Games that teach children to adhere to rules. These are games such as sports, strategy games, maths games, language games and quizzes.

Our range of Miniland Educational for teachers was created in the hope of helping one of the most important influencers in a child’s life have a positive impact on them. We hope that our products, packages and advice will help teachers to give the best possible educational environments to our future generation.

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