More and more toys are being used by parents and teachers to boost their kids’ skills and intelligence as they can be adapted to their learning pace. In order to facilitate game-based learning Miniland Educational’s specialty toys cover a great many of the educational needs of children from birth through age 10.

Miniland Educational offers specialty toys that are made of the highest quality materials in ways that combine Lesson Plans and Activity Sheets that can be seamlessly integrated into much of the educational curriculum.

In this way, Miniland Educational toys help both parents and teachers teach students in a way that is more meaningful, engaging and fun!

It’s never too early to start learning

As young as infancy, children can begin learning the manual skills needed to manage zippers, buttons, buckles, and laces with the Moogy Fastening Toy, – a friendly, happy, and colorful plush toy made huggable in order to foster an emotional bond. Moogy features both tactile and visual contrasts that provide levels of sensory stimulation that are just right.

Also at this age, children are engaging in their first building and destroying efforts by piling different things on top of one another and then knocking them down. A toy designed to foster this tendency is our Giantte Deco Line, a huge stackable toy that is  suitable for sand or water play.


Playing with cars and trucks

Playing with toy cars and trucks allows children to pretend play and imitate the behavior of their parents while also involving physical exercise.

Our Minimobil Go & Jobs Collection School Box  is a collection of 12 flexible and highly-durable vehicles that stimulate a child’s curiosity and learning about their physical environment. Their wheels and axes are safe, won’t fall apart and highly resistant.

Kids will love playing outside with the Monster Truck, a dump truck complete with a cabin, lift, hinged gate, and a bed that is more than 21 inches long! It also features super-large and sturdy wheels designed not only to withstand hours and hours of play, but also for use on sand and gravel.

Other fun sand toys include the Super Spade and Super Rake Sets which offer children a fun toy for sand building. The shovels in this set are nearly 20 inches long, are made of highly durable material, and also feature sturdy, reinforced and an extra-long handles.

Games for learning how to manipulate objects

For fostering the manipulation of objects, Miniland Educational’s Activity Nuts & Bolts is a highly engaging game involving extra-large nuts and bolts that has been designed to help children develop their visual-motor skills by screwing and unscrewing the toy bolts. This item includes three basic geometric forms—circle, square, and triangle—each of which is a different color.

For developing hand-eye coordination, creativity, spatial orientation, and the discrimination of shapes and colors, we are pleased to offer Super Pegs, a peg game designed for use by small children that features large pegs that can be easily handled, and that fit into holes on transparent boards. This toy, which uses four different shapes and four different colors, allows a reproduction of various sample drawings and pictures that are placed on the base of the board.

Ultra-resistant and flexible puzzles

Puzzles help children learn how to put together an image through the correct juxtaposition of different pieces. This activity helps increase and reinforce hand-eye coordination, spatial organization, the recognition and differentiation of shapes and colors, reasoning, attention, and concentration.

Miniland Educational offers a wide collection of ultra-resistant and flexible puzzles suitable for use in school or at home. For example, our Color Puzzles (35251-35254) are four puzzles that associate the four primary colors with daily objects and activities.

One of our puzzles—the Children of the World puzzle—is a socio-educational toy of immeasurable value that is designed to teach children about the diversity of races and people that they see in the world around them.

Language and math

For learning elementary language and math skills, Miniland Educational offers a wide variety of educational toys designed to provide children with an introduction that is both fun and engaging.

With games like Activity 123 ABC , children aged 3-6 will discover letters and numbers in a fun and exciting way. It consists of 26 stencils of capital letters and numbers made of soft and flexible plastic, that include arrows to instruct the child the correct way to write the letter and/or the number. Accompanying activity sheets help children trace the figure, and also display associations that help understand them.


Finally, another of our offerings that will help children in their transition back to school is Mecatech, a mechanical construction toy recommended for children aged 4-9. It includes several flexible pieces, holes, axes, nuts, and bolts, as well as wheels of different sizes. The combination of all of the different pieces allows the construction of numerous objects of various complexities.